Light Bulb Vase!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So two weeks ago i put Projects to Try post, and I didn't include this DIY project. The reason that I didn't include it is because I thought that this DIY is too hart to made. But I was wrong. Although I did need my dads help it was done in 15 minutes. 
If you'r asking yourself " How can I do it?" well i will tell you!:D 

First find some light bulbs that don't work any more or you don't need it.
Then carefully peel off or drill black of the light bulb. I could not peel it off so I gave it to my dad to drill it and then I took it out. Just be careful and put the goggles. 
You will see glass in it. You need to crack it. When you crack glass remove inner wires of the light bulb.
Now fun part. Fill light bulb with water and put flower in it. You can tie the bulb with ribbon and attach it to branch or you can make stand. My dad made a little dent in the wooden plate to be stable.

This is photo that help me do it. It's from Pinterest!

I think that this is so unique and beautiful project, and that it make your room more into Spring. Why would you put your flowers in plain vase when you can put it in light bulbs. :)