It's not my Attitude it's my Style!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hope you are all good and having a nice day.Today I thought that I could write about fashion, and what I love about it. So I went to Pinterest and find some beautiful photos and  it seems wrong not to share it with you. 

When somebody asks me how would I describe my style I always say comfy, casual but cute and girly.  I never were cloth that I don't fell good in because where is the point. That is my 
As you can see from the photos that I really love jeans  and plain t- shirts. That is that I wore almost every day. And  of course pair of converse. I live in converse cause they are sooo comfortable, and as I'm almost hole day in school they are just perfect.

When I said girly by that I meant this beautiful simple white dresses. I'm so in love with them. I think that they are so cute but nothing to much or to dressy.This cut outs add more sweetness to them. I'm also very into flower print. T-shirts, dresses, sneakers, pants...everything. Actually my favorite peace of cloths is flower print half-sleeve shirt. 
That would be briefly my style, but it's changing and I'm just starting to discover what I like and what not. 

How would you describe your style??


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