Motivational Monday Quote #16

Monday, April 14, 2014

It's definitely going to be a great day.  Sun is up, everything is colorful and cheerful, and I'm on the spring break! :)I think that this is least stressful Monday ever. There is no school, tests and all that stuff that makes me nervous. But let's stop talking about school because we will talk about it next Tuesday.

Lets focus on today. I want to rest and relax, but also to do some useful thingsI don't want to any day to go completely wastedI want to recharge my batteries for the next week and prepare for the summer that will soon come. I'll try to spend as much time outdoors with my family and friends. And my cats and dog. 

hahah He just come to me while I was writing this post. 
My little baby. 

I hope that you will have wonderful holidays and that you will be productive!! xo


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