Quick, Cute and Easy (no heat) Hairstyles! :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I have quite long hair and most of the time I tie it in a pony tail, but I decided I wanted a change. So I came across this beautiful and simple hairstyles that anyone can make. I hate it when my hair goes to my face, so this hairstyles are perfect. They are ready in 10 minutes, but best of all, you do not have to use heat.
You can wear them to school, to work, when you go out or when you just do not want to tie your hair in a pony tail ...like me. :)
Let's start!!!


Take your hair and take two section in the front of your hare and pull them back towards to the back of your head.

Bring them together to create one section and then your gonna make it as if you were creating a ponytail but on the last one you do not wanna pull it all the way through. You wanna leave it like a little loop.

Now your just going to split the loop and have to create two separate loops. Then taking one of the loops you just need to twist  sideways and start spreading it out and you gonna see bow effect.

Secure the bottom of the bow with bobby pin and you wanna do the same thing with other loop. So just twist sides, spread it out and secure it to your head with bobby pin. 

 I think that this hairstyle is super cute and unique. It looks like it is very hard to do, but it's not. A little practice and you're done in 10 minutes. 

♥ Waterfall French Braid

♥ So to begin part your hair wherever you want. You gonna pick up three strands right on the front and towards the top of your head, and going to start regular braid.

♥  Now you gonna start with french braid. Pick up section and add it to that top strand, but when you come down to the bottom strand you gonna hold it ( I hold it in my teeth), and pick up more hair and ad it over that third strand.

♥ Just keep adding new strands in. 

 This is a little more difficult, but once you realize you will not have any problems. Gives a beautiful fall through effect and I think it's very cute. 

Cute Braided Headband

Take one small section from the front of your head and split it into three section and then just braid it all the way down. Just a normal simple braid. Once you have braided that you can tie it of. 

Now your gonna start pulling the braid out a little bit to make it thicker. So each little piece you can pull a little bit to make a braid look a little bit wider. 

Then do the same thing to the other side. Braid it all the way down, tied it of and then you are going to start pulling the bride to make it bigger. You can pull it as far as you want. It is up to you.

After that your gonna take one braid, pull it across the back of your head and bobby pin it on the other side. Then do the same thing with the other braid and bobby pin it. 

 I think this is such beautiful hairstyle. I absolutely love it!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you like hairstyles. If you try any of them, I would really like to see how it turns out, you can send me a picture on my twitter or tell me your opinion in the comments!!

Talk to you later! xo

♥ ;)


  1. Very helpful post - I've always wanted to know how to make the bow hairstyle :)



  2. Im going to be finding this post so useful as im really running out of hair inspiration & i love trying new styles out x


  3. Cute! I can never do hairstyles lol I always fail!

    1. I'm sure you'd be able to do this hairstyle! They are very easy! :) xx

  4. wow all 3 of these are so nice!i actually can't believe that you can make a bow out of your own hair!ahh!i have pretty long hair too and wish someone would come & do one of those cool braids on my hair:)xx

    1. Yes, I know. :) It's pretty cool! I can come to you and make you a braid! :D xx