Labello LIP BUTTER // Review

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How are you? I'm good thanks for asking! :) I am now in my classroom and I'm done with school for Today. But unfortunately I can not yet go home because I have to wait for the bus that goes at 14:40. So I decided to write this post now so when I get home I only need to take photos and publish... I feel very organizedSo when I set this post I will be at home.
Today's post is a review of my current favorite lip product ever ... I know those are big words. 

Well I have for some time wanted to buy this lip butter , but I could not find it anywhere. When I finally found it, I was overjoyed. You can buy it in two flavors, Vanilla & Macadamia and Raspberry Rose that I have. I plan to buy and Vanilla & Macadamia too.

Case in which the lip balm is, is so cute! It is light pink with raspberries! It is round , and not too big but not too small. Perfect size. I just throw it in the bag and it does not take up too much space . The amount of product is bigger than others labels. The amount of butter is 16.7 g / 19 mL, and it is cheaper too .

The first thing I did when I opened it I smelled it! It was simply divine, as the smell of fresh raspberries. I was very surprised at how good it smellsOn the cover says it contains shea butter and almond oil and provides intense hydration and long-lasting lip care. All of the above is true. 

My lips are very dry and chapped. Previous labels that I used, only helped me for a short time. But this lip butter is something completely different. One night, I put it on my lips and went to sleep, and in the morning my lips were soft like a flower ... comparison of century

When you open it is light pinkIt is creamy and easy to apply with your fingers. Gives a slight gloss to the lipsI love the feeling it gives when you apply it. 
Otherwise I do not wear lip gloss or lipstick, so it is perfect replacement. really recommend it to everyone, believe me you will not regret it

I hope you like my review
I know there are a lot of pictures, but I could not throw any of them out because I am very proud and happy how they turned out! xo ;)


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