New Year, New Challenges!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I wish you a happy New Year
New Year, which means new, but also old resolutions that I have not managed to achieve in the last year! I hope that it will be better this time.

Although I love to do lists, I give up most of them!
But this year will be least 2 weeks- and this year will be mine... Im feeling powerful haha
So these are my resolutions for the new, better and hopefully brighter 2014!

Do my best in school -I can not believe there's only two weeks before returning to school! Last year I was not so great because I learned the last minute and superficial. I would like to go with the will of the great majority subjects, and I know that I will have to try really hard. I have a problem with motivation, quickly get tired and bored. I think I've found a solution for this, and it's Amy.V.Norris blog. She is wonderful and I love her blog, especially her Study Hall posts!

Organize my time better I really need to start doing more productive things, and do not constantly watchThe Carrie Diaries and be on the Internet. I hate that feeling at the end of the day, as if I did not do anything useful.

Read more - I really love to read but rarely find the timeexcept for  books for the school. I recently got some interesting books that I can not wait to read. One I've already started and I am thrilled... maybe write review if you want?

Continue blogging- I love my blog very much! ;) It really makes me happy, especially when I see your comments and support. As much as I love blogging so much I love reading your blogs. Every day I find blogs in which I fall in love. 
My goal is blogging at least 2 times a week ... at least. And organize posts in advance.

Eat healthy and exercise - In Summer 2014 I want to have a figure like never before. I began to exercise last month when me and my friend exercised with the help of videos  of Blogilates . She is wonderful and really helped me
I just want to live healthier.

Get out of my comfort zone - I am unapproachable and closed to something differentrelated about fashion, society and lifeI've got to relax, enjoy life and try new things.

I think that would be it. I wonder how long I manage to keep.
Tell me your new year's resolutions below!! ;) :)

♥ ;)


  1. you've got some good goals there. I hope you achieve them but you have to strike the right balance strike balance and although it is good to work hard at school, read more and be healthy you should also relax and have fun. Do something crazy and don't worry it. If you want to get of your comfort zone your going to have to stuff makes you feel uncomfortable. I myself will be trying to break out of my comfort zone this year and I know it is going to be uncomfortable. This is why I am going to be doing something really crazy soon and embracing the idea of feeling uncomfortable by keeping my underwear in a wedgie for a day and not adjusting it at all. I know it sounds absolutely but I want to learn to get uncomfortable and to deal with it.

    check out my blog:

    Happy new year!

    Katie x

    1. Yes, I know it will be difficult. But I will not do anything that would be bad for me or too out of my comfort zone! First I will start with smaller things, such as clothes. I'll try to wear something that I otherwise would not have worn it because I thought it does not fit me. I wish you lots of luck! I hope that we succeed in our goal! ;) xxx

      Happy new year to you too!!

  2. Aw Antonia, thank you so much!! The Carrie Diaries is a serious problem for me too!!
    xo Amy |

    1. Do not mention it! But this series is too good!! :)

  3. Good luck with your blog in 2014- it is beautiful you should be very proud! Gisforgingers xx