Motivational Monday Quote #11

Monday, January 27, 2014


Today is the beginning of another weekend, and it is the last week in January! Yes, there are five days to February. Here where I live, last Friday was snowing. So much that almost the entire weekend was no electricity...Yes, it was very fun. But today it's been good so far. The school went well and I finished earlier than planned. The truth is that I have a lot to learn for tomorrow, but I believe that I get all on the time

So, without further let's start with Motivational Monday  Quotes!

The way we live and how we live is a reflection of ourselves. We choose how we relate to our lives, and I say that it should be in the best possible way. Our life is priceless. I honestly do not understand people who do all that their life would have no meaning. All our actions, of which are were going to wake up and seize the day in a productive way, or do nothing and that someone does everything for us  is our choice

It frightens me that one day when I look back on my life I might not see any senseI want to use every day fully. Learn new things and not be afraid of them. Because after all we have nothing to lose. If we do not try them,we might later regret. And I'm sure no one wants to regret anything

You only live once! So whatever you do, do it first for the benefit of yourself, but always keep in mind the otherWho knows, maybe you are, or you're gonna be somebody's role model and inspiration. 

♥ ;)

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