Motivational Monday Quotes #6

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hi ladies! ;)
I hope that you spent your weekend well, and that you rest. I spent my weekend learning and watching movies. Just before I start to write this post it's start snowing!! As if I knew, yesterday I took out my Christmas ornaments and I start listening Christmas songs! 
But we'll talk about Christmas some other time! Now is time for some Motivational Monday Quotes!

I think this quote is perfect for today! And for all this snow and the Christmas spirit.Yes, we are beautiful. Although I think that we sometimes forget that. How could it not when everywhere we turn we see the "perfect" woman with perfect hair, body, skin ... and so I could go on for days. And when we see these women we begin to feel less valuable (at least I do). Everyone impose their style to us and tell us what is IN this season, that we begins to lose ourselves. And what's worse, we forget that we are all different, and that what makes us special and beautiful. 
We must first accept ourselves before anyone else.

♥ ;)