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Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday has finally arrived! I'm really looking forward to this weekend because tomorrow I'm going to a concert with my friends! I can not wait! 
Now is the time for today's post. A few weeks ago I stayed without a concealer. Of course, just when a pimple appeared on my chin. I decided to go to a nearby drugstore and see how they can help me. Me and my friend are constantly in the drugstore, and I think we know its every cornerWe immediately stopped at essence area.I saw "Essence Stay Natural Concealer". At first I did not think to buy it, but in the end I changed my mind and I did not regret.

The product is in a tight tube, with the pink cap. At the bottom is the part that can be rotated. When you rotate it  concealer comes out on the brush. It is extremely easy for the proper application with soft brush that allows perfect coverage of irregularities and dark circles under 
your eyes.

It is good at concealing redness. It is easily applied and absorbed, and extremely easy for the proper application with soft brush that allows perfect coverage of irregularities and dark circles under your eyes. I put it after the BB cream, and then I apply powder over it.
The first time I put it, I put it under my eyes too much and I had a large white circles, you do not even know how ridiculous I looked. But I gently wiped the excess and it looked OK.

You can buy it in four shades. 01 soft beige, 02 soft sand, soft offer 03, 04 soft honey. Mine is 01 shades in soft beige and fits perfectly color of my skin.

That was it. I hope you like it.I heard that in the UK came essence too. 

Have you tried some of their products?

                                                ♥ ;)


  1. I have never tried anything from this brand, sounds like a good concealer x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. It is a very good concealer! It saves me every day! :) ;)

  2. i love essence! especially their nail varnishes :)

    check out my giveaway over on my blog,

    1. I love their nail polish too! I wrote a post about my collection that consists only their nail polishes, check it out if you want! :) xx

  3. I have never tried anything from Essence but I think I may have to have a look next time I'm in a drugstre! Although as great as this concealor sounds, I can't bear to part with my beloved Collection Lasting Perfection concealor-it saved my life from some incredibly blemish prone days! Lots of love, Lauryn from xxx

    1. You really should! They have a really good product! I've never tried Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, I might try it out when I spend this one! :)
      P.S. I like your blog very much! Especially Fab Fiction Thursdaj posts! xx

  4. this must be one of my favourite blogs ive read in a long time check out mine please