Motivational Monday Quotes #4

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hi ladies! ;)
I hope you have a good start in November! I still can not believe that there's only 50 days until Christmas! It's crazyI have already started listening to Christmas songs and prepare for decorating! I'm so excitedBut on another occasion we will talk more about ChristmasToday's post is Monday Motivational Quotes!

I think this quote is very important, especially nowadays! We are all in some kind of hurry, stress and work. So much that we forget the important things like friends and family. It is important to have ambitions, but they do not cross the line. Like we do not have enough time and day is too short. I know it by myself. It's hard when you have so many obligations that you simply do not know what to do next. But because of that we should look for more support in the family and friends. In the end they are the only ones who will always be with us. And we need to appreciate them. xxx :)

♥ ;)

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  1. This is one of my favorite quotes! It is important to take a break from life and appreciate what you already have :)

    Charming Silence