Motivational Monday Quotes #5

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hi ladies! 
I hope you have a good start this week. I still can not believe it 's November ! 43 days until Christmas *eek* ! I'm so excited ( I think I've said it in every post). I can not wait to start snowing . Here where I live is rainy and very cold, so I would not be surprised if it starts falling ! 
Again I went away to the topic of this post , and it is 
* drums * Motivational Monday Quotes .

It is very difficult, in the teenage age, to resist the bad things that society offers. Maybe this is not the case for all, but I believe that in most cases is. Myself once faced attempted to somebody offered me an alcoholic drink,to have fun. But something like that has never interested meNeither cigarettes.Thank God I have friends who have never brought me to this position (that one case was not with the side of my friends). I would like to tell everyone that these things, such as alcohol and cigarettes, are not worthy of your time. For the fun neither of these things are necessary.
I decided interpreted this quote with an example of what is to me, as a teenager, closely. But I believe that there are still many cases that this quote describes. xoxo

Write to you later! 

♥ ;)

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