Lazy Girl's Guide To Using Notion

Monday, January 17, 2022

There are a variety of applications that provide you with various tools, such as scanning, monitoring pages, taking notes, composing texts, and so on. Because one or two programs cannot provide you with everything you require to function, you may need to use a big number of them to meet all of your demands. You won't need any other apps if you have Notion because it has so much to offer.

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I'm sure that you've seen a lot of ads and YouTubers talk about the Notion. Before discovering Notion I used Asana to track all of my blog and Instagram content ideas and scheduling plans as well as my college exams and tasks. Although Asana doesn't provide a lot of customization I liked how simple it is. This year I wanted to focus more on the overall organization and Asana just didn't have what I needed. That's when I finally decided to try out Notion (Photo by Ellieelien on Unsplash).

The Notion app lets you take meeting notes, organize your workday, and view and share a variety of documents. You can use it to develop the material, keep track of many items relevant to the topics you work on, and even write your words. Notion is a complete tool that allows you to input text, create checklists and lists, and do everything else that a Google Doc or Word document can accomplish. But that's only the start.

Notion automatically saves your work, whether it's done online or offline. The straightforward architecture of Notion lets you personalize your workspace with blocks. Similar to building a website, you can easily order your blocks by priority, personalizing your workspace.

You can also upload content to the internet and embed it. You can combine whatever you generate in other apps, such as movies or spreadsheets, into Notion and keep everything in one location. You can quickly enroll and arrange all of your fieldwork in Notion, as well as keep track of when and where you need to be.

You don't have to bother about uploading photographs, videos, or audio files to a hosting service like YouTube or Soundcloud before putting them on the ideas page. You can even immediately embed a PDF into your page. You can easily create events and organize editorial meetings with Notion.

This application, in addition to many options for making notes, also gives a variety of text formatting options, allowing you to easily construct lists sorted by priority, lists that open with sub-lists (brick lists), quotes, links to other notebooks, and a variety of other useful things.

You can also utilize several templates, such as one for tracking and saving significant websites, as well as one for producing a variety of tabular or calendar layouts.

You can link Notion to the entire newsroom, allowing everyone in the newsroom to collaborate on plans and activities, as well as keep track of when one of the journalists is on the field. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials on how to make your Notion dashboard.

Photo by Pauline Bernard on Unsplash


It may feel overwhelming and time-consuming to discover all the features that Notion offers. If you are not good with technology and this kind of platform the premade templates could make it way easier for you. There are a lot of great templates that Notion itself offers. However, I'm sure you already saw a lot of YouTubers and other content creators talking about Notion.

Some of them even made and offer their Notion templates to their followers. That is great as you will not need to create your dream Notion dashboard from the start. There are a lot of aesthetically pleasing and useful templates you can use. I am currently using the one from a YouTuber Michelle Kanemitsu. I just like the simplicity of it. You can easily navigate all you need daily.

Another very aesthetically pleasing Notion template is the one from the YouTube channel called Revising and from the Dobochobo. However, the ones I saw the most people like and use are the Jules Acree one. I tried it but it personally wasn't a great fit for me.

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