Best 2021 Korean Dramas

Monday, January 10, 2022

There was something for everyone in the greatest K-dramas of 2021. While some people confuse K-dramas with soap operas, and there are several that fit this description, Korean dramas are simply television shows produced in South Korea. Others seek to remedy society's wrongs one criminal at a time, while some offer messages of hope. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a K-drama. (Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels)


This was a no-brainer option, and one that deserved to be featured first, Squid Game. The dystopian tournament, which started in September and went on to become Netflix's most-streamed series of all time, was arguably the biggest television event of the year. The nine-episode cultural phenomenon has been seen by over 111 hundred families. I watched it with my roommate and was completely shocked by this drama. As someone who has watched more than 50 dramas, this was something completely new and different. I usually don't like this kind of plot but the production, actors, and acting were on point.

Will there ever be another series like Squid Game? The savagery of the children's games, the joy and sorrow, the aesthetics, and (taking it a little further) the sociological criticism on how humans act for a sufficient monetary reward; will there ever be another series like Squid Game? Well, we do know that there will be season 2, and I'm already scared.


With its young storytelling and the swoon-worthy cast's realistic representation of Yeon Soo and Choi Ung, 'Our Beloved Summer' certainly became one of the top 2021/2022 K-dramas. It is an ongoing drama that airs on Monday and Tuesday. I prefer this kind of plot over the Squid Game one.

The smart storytelling of 'Our Beloved Summer' is a treat, as watchers follow the plot's progressive metamorphosis from a coming-of-age documentary to a heart-wrenching love story, in which two longtime lovers reunite only to learn that they never parted ways.


'Nevertheless,' a Netflix and JTBC production, tells a romantic story that avoids the stereotypes and standard patterns of K-dramas. Song Kang's portrayal of Park Jae-eon, an art student, is the epitome of a campus handsome guy. Nabi, played by Han Sohee, is everything a K-drama heroine should not be. 

Nabi encourages herself to become entangled in Jae-intriguing eon's life, and ultimately, she became her savior, full of new hope. 'Nevertheless' is a top candidate for one of the top K-dramas of 2021 because of its genuine characters and a novel plot that breaks the molds of good and wrong, with just a couple of young adults letting themselves daydream and appreciate the love in whichever manner they see fit.


This cute and cheerful Korean drama may resemble Beauty and the Beast or Twilight. It was one of the first dramas I watched in 2021. While the spooky plot covers the tried-and-true k-drama cliche of very different individuals being compelled to live together, in this case, a human and a gumiho, it does so with a delicate touch and a fantastic ensemble. What is the point of seeing it? The stars, Jang Ki-Yong and Lee Hyeri, have charming chemistry. Kang Han-na, Bae In-hyuk, and Kim Do-wan provide a lot of chuckles as supporting characters.

If you are looking for an interesting fantasy drama, I recommend checking out this one. Shin Woo-yeo (Jang Ki-Yong), a lovely guy who is a 999-year-old fox, is the protagonist of the story. He absorbs human energy in a bead to become human. As she swallows the bead, he has a life-changing interaction with Lee Dam, binding their destiny together. The bead can only stay inside a human for a year until Lee Dam dies and Shin is unable to become human. To remedy the dilemma, the two decide to live together.

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