No Time For "January Blues"

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Did you get used to it being 2020 already? 

I must say that I'm sometimes still flabbergasted that it is 2020. The fact that it is quite satisfying to write 2020 makes it easier to get used to it. The new year is often associated with New year's resolutions. I've noticed that a lot of people have different opinions about resolutions and goal setting. 

You are either a massive fan of them or you can't stand them. Whichever opinion you have I'm sure that you have some goals in mind for this year even if you don't want the whole world to know about them. It is in human nature to look into the future and try to accomplish as much we can. 

In a few days, there will be articles about "January blues" and how to ger over it. For those who are not familiar with this term, it is basically a feeling of depression or deep unhappiness associated with experiencing the cold and darkness of winter. Associating one month or season with depression jut doesn't feel right to me. Although I understand why it could be seen like that I believe that "January blues" is sometimes used as an excuse if the start of the year doesn't go as planned. 


What I noticed is that most people feel enthusiastic and ready to do everything to make this year the best one yet, but after that passion and determination start to fade away they start to feel discouraged and sad. That kind of feeling we tend to call "January blues". Those people who love the festive season and new years resolution tend to feel this more than others. 

I truly believe that most of the people just accepted that "January blues" negative trend as something that is normal and should happen. We try to identify with others and when we hear people constantly talking about that dreaded "January blues" even if we don't exactly feel that we accept it as something that should happen to us as well. 


The end of the festive season shouldn't refer to the end of joyful feeling.  Just because the Christmas lights and decorations are returned to their boxes doesn't mean that with them all the festivity is gone. They did their part of the job and now is the time that we do ours. We can't always rely on other things, especially materialistic to make us happy. 

There is more in life than Christmas presents and songs. You are probably trying to hold onto that spark that festive season brings which is understandable but now it is time to let go of it and find happiness and motivation in other things. 


If you are like me and the weather has a big impact on your mood and productivity then you need to find ways that will make cold and dark January days feel much brighter and positive. Start your day with your favorite song or read a few lines of your favorite book. Make a list of exciting things happening that day or this week. 

It will make you look forward to something positive. It will lift your mood and you won't even notice the cold. Reflect on yourself to learn at what time of the day your spirit feels the lowest. Incorporate self-care into your daily routine. It doesn't need to be anything extraordinary. Just a form of self-love that works the best for you. 


Of course, January isn't excluded from low and sad feelings. Social media tends to exaggerate the negative side of the post-festive season. As much as it is not okay to connect sadness and depression to okay "January blues" it is also not okay to say that we can't feel sad because of the circumstances this time of year brings. This is why knowing yourself gets handy. The more you know about yourself the more power you will have over your emotions and what their cause is. 

We should not ignore our feelings. It is important to be as subjectively-objective as we can. I know that this may seem like something overly abstract but it only means that we look at our own life from a subjective perspective but to see our life as a whole we need to step out and observe ourselves from an objective point of view which is not easy at all but can change the way we see ourselves and others around us. 

Do you tend to just accept "January blues" as a thing? 
How do you stay on track? 

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