Forgetful Girls Easy Night Skincare Routine Tips

Thursday, January 9, 2020

We all know how important skincare is. You probably read a lot of "Lazy Girls Skincare Routine" posts but what I realized is that a lot of people including myself aren't always lazy, they are just forgetful. 

Some people just don't have that inside clock telling them that now is time to apply this toner, that serum, and finish it all with ten more different products. After a long day, the last thing you want to think about is which product to apply on your face. Most of the time your brain is just ready to immediately fall asleep. 

So how to have skincare routine when you are most likely going to completely forget about it? 

Although the skincare market makes it seem like you need to have a 10, 12 or 15 step skincare routine that is not the truth. You can make your skin healthy and happy with using just a few right products. Just because your favorite skincare blogger uses some product it doesn't mean that you can't have skincare without that product. Keep it simple and appropriate for you. 

Depending on your skin tone and type you could just need two products that will make your skin hydrated or three products that will make it refreshed and tightened. Choose products that you know work best for your skin. You are probably going to be able to reach for them even after a long day if you can see the result. 

Most people either do their night skincare routine in their bathrooms or bedrooms. Either way, it is important that your skincare products are somewhere where you can easily see and reach them. If they are in some cabinet or drawer you are most likely going to forget or just won't have the energy to actually grab them and apply on your face. If you can't keep your skincare products somewhere visible then grab a post note, write skincare on it and stick it on your mirror in the bathroom. 

In case you are applying skincare in your room be sure to place all of the products on your bedside table. You don't need to place all of them, just a few of the most important ones will do the job and probably make you grab other ones for a complete night skincare routine. After doing so for a few weeks you are going to make it a habit and you won't forget to skip your skincare routine. 

Those who are interested in skincare or have some kind of skin problem usually use different skincare products. Most people who aren't skincare bloggers and YouTubers don't have a lot of holy grail products as they are still searching what works best for them. To make it fun after a few weeks switch products you've been using to see a result. This is a great way to eliminate products that aren't working for your skin type and also make room for those that will help your skin. 

This doesn't necessarily mean that you need to buy new products. There are a lot of homemade skincare products and methods you can try. They are usually much cheaper than drugstore skincare products and can make bigger results. You probably already have all the ingredients so why not give it a try. 

Setting a specific time for your night skincare routine could help you to make the most out of it. This could be your time for self-care and relaxation after a long day. Make it something to look forward to. Maybe it is something you can do after getting changed to your PJ's and before you lay down in your bed. Some may want to set a specific time that is reserved for a skincare routine. Find the place and time that works best for you. 

If you have a schedule that doesn't allow you to choose a certain hour you can set it as something you do after you brush your teeth or immediately after your dinner. The best way to stick to skincare routine when you are forgetful is to make it personalized for you. You can always change it up according to your day but having a timeline is what is going to help you stick to it. 

Do you sometimes forget about your night skincare routine? 
Did you find these tips helpful? 

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