These Are The Steps For A Successful One-Day Trip

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

When was the last time you went on a one day trip?

With the job, family and other obligations squeezing in a trip can be quite hard. Well, when the travel bug starts to make you only think about all the places you want to visit, a day trip might be the right option. 

I know that a one-day trip has its positive and negative sides and that some people just don’t like having a one-day trip. In this post, I will try to break down the way you can have an enjoyable one-day trip even as soon as the next month. 

Although a one-day trip might not do justice to the place you decided to visit, it is a great starting point to explore and find places that you can always come back in the future and spend more days admiring its beauty. In the past few years I’ve been on a few one-day trips and next month I’m going on another one. This is how I make sure that my one-day trip ends successfully. 

First things first, you need to decide where exactly and how you want to go. This is the sweetest but probably the hardest part for those who have a long travel bucket list. What you should have in mind is the length of the travel time. Depending on the transport you need to have in mind that you are not exactly going to spend 24 hours visiting one place. You can choose to organize the whole one-day trip by yourself or find some offers through an agency. 

Whenever I went on a one-day trip to another county I went with an agency. There are a few reasons behind it. With an agency, you have it all planned and with that a tourist guide that can show you and tell a story about the most important parts of the city or certain area. I like to learn about that place I am visiting and not just wander around. Of course, if you are planning the trip on your own you can easily find information about that place online. This is based on personal preference. 

Before making the final decision make sure that if you choose to go with an agency, read all the instructions, the itinerary and check if there are any additional things you need to pay for when you arrive at the destination. Sometimes agencies can place that information at the end of the description of the trip so be sure that you are informed about everything. Another thing you need to check is the weather. The weather can hold a big role in your one day trip. 

You want to be able to experience the most of your journey without bad weather interfering. This depends on the season you are going to the one-day trip in but never the less check out the temperature for the day of the trip. Better to be prepared than to be surprised by the heavy rain, snow or other extreme weather. Of course, you can’t control the weather as it can quickly change but you can still try your best to get prepared for it. 

One of the disadvantages of traveling with the agency is the fact that you need to follow the pace of the whole group. That can sometimes mean that you won’t be able to hear what the tour guide is saying or you won’t be able to calmly visit all the parts of the city or the area that you wanted to. This is something you can either accept or you can always take the free time that you will probably have to then go by those places. 

To not get completely lost it would be best to have a trip itinerary printed out or saved on your phone. That way you can always check it while you are walking and see where exactly you are right now and what can you see. If you want to be extra prepared you can always read some travel blog posts or watch YouTube videos about that place so that you can experience what you learned and not trying to catch up or hear what the tour guide is saying. 

I know that some people prefer traveling alone and I respect and admire that as I’m the opposite. I like to travel with my friends and I never went on a one-day trip alone. I just think that traveling with friends makes the whole experience much better. Of course, you need to travel with friends that get along well. Sometimes when you are traveling with friends that have different travel styles it can get a little bit overwhelming. 

So make sure that the people you are traveling with or at least one friend from the group is someone you know you will have a great time. Even if you don’t have the same traveling style if you can find a compromise and at least separate in groups of two it can still work amazingly. I recommend traveling with friends as it makes the whole experience much relaxed and even safe. You can always be sure that you can rely on each other for anything and help each other in need. 

When you go on a one-day trip you are not quite sure when exactly you will arrive or is everything going to go as planned. Something that you can’t control can always come up but you need to be prepared for it. A one-day trip can also be overwhelming as you want to see and experience as much as you can in a short period. Something you need to have in mind is that all you need to do is to be present. I know that taking photos is one way of capturing the moment but be sure that it comes after you captured that moment in your mind and heart. 

Every time you see something that makes your heart flutter from the beauty, acknowledge that you are experiencing that there and in that exact moment. Don’t rely on looking through photos afterward. Be there fully and make sure that you don’t have any regrets later as it is something that can easily happen when we put Instagram in the first place. You can always share those photos later but you can’t turn back that exact time and place whenever you want. Being present also means being safe. When you are in a touristy place be sure that you take care of your belongings. 

As someone who enjoys one-day trips, the things mentioned above are what I found to be the key points of successful ones. If you prepare well and know what exactly you are looking for in a one-day trip it can be a great escape from everyday life but also a way you can travel and explore new places on a budget. 

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When was the last time you went on a one-day trip? 
Do you have any tips on how to make it a successful one? 

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