Why You Should Stop Multitasking

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Now more than ever we feel like we need to have all aspects of our lives under control. We are juggling work, family, friends, hobbies, personal development and dreams all at once. How wouldn’t we feel lost when it often feels like time is flying by, we are getting older and older and still running around trying to hold our lives in the right direction. 

The pressure of “living the life to the fullest” is implanted in our mind so that we focus so much on the idea of the perfect life that we end up burnt and lost. Time is not stopping and we can’t see the progress from the everyday battle called life. 

Multitasking is something you can hear regularly and it is usually used in a positive connotation. We tend to think that those who can multitask lead a successful and happy lifestyle. Well, although I was one of those who had that kind of opinion, with time I realized that that isn’t completely the truth. 

Multitasking means giving few percent of your energy, focus and time to variety of different things. That means that you aren’t actually truly mindful and dedicated to those things that are probably very important to you. Everything that we throw among other things looses on value. Just because it may feel faster to do few things at the same time it doesn’t mean that the effect is going to be equally beneficial for you in the long run. 

I’m sure that if you think a little bit about some tasks you needed to do and you multi-tasked them, and then think about the ones that you fully dedicated yourself to, you can see a big difference in the outcome of those tasks. You see, multitasking is something we all do and sometimes it can be necessary in the situations that don't have a bin impact on our lives. However, we shouldn’t multitask important things that determine our present and future. 

Why don’t we just stop for a minute? Why don’t we take a look at different aspects of our lives and see where you are at? 

Just take a step back and take a few moments out of your daily life. Leave your phone, laptop or any other kind of gadget. Take paper and pencil and write down your top three priorities. Now see if you are actually dedicating the necessary amount of time only to them or are you putting them in a box of other things that you think you need to multitask to be able to finish. 

It is all about prioritizing and organizing your time. You can still be great at your job, have a quality time with your family and friends, enjoy any of your hobbies and have time to travel to all the places you wanted to visit. You don’t need to give up on any of those things. In fact you can feel satisfied with all parts of your life without sacrificing any of them. 


Prioritize tasks for different categories of your life. Set a certain period of time to do different tasks that you have. Don't be unrealistic and try to do something you know you won't be able to do in that period of time. You know the best how long will it take to make things done. Focus only on ONE (1) task at the time. Get rid of any distraction that could make you want to multitask. 

Pomodoro method could be helpful in this situation as it breaks time in 25 minutes of working and 5 minutes of rest. This method can help you focus better and finish any task much quicker. It won’t feel like you are working for a long period of time although you ticked a lot of tasks from your to do list. This technique is also great if you have a bigger task you need to do as you don’t need to finish it immediately but using pomodoro method each day will make it easier and less stressful. 

This is something that can’t be done overnight. You need to put this into practice every day. If you do so, you will quickly notice that now you are accomplishing things much quicker and on a high level of quality. You won’t feel pressured or stressed because of deadlines or emergencies that can suddenly happen in life.

Do you usually multitask? 
Have  you ever tried Pomodoro Method? 

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