Best Way To Train Your Concentration ~ Pomodoro Technique

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Do you have trouble concentrating?

A few months ago I noticed that my concentration was getting worse and worse. I just couldn’t focus long enough on just one thing without getting distracted. The biggest cause of my distraction was social media. 

Because of the constant scrolling and the ability to do a lot of different things at once, it was like my brain is constantly hopping from one thing to another. I guess it is because I got used to always start different tasks at once and my attention span was short.

It started to intertwine with my everyday life and especially my studying for university. I talked about how I started to get control over my time and energy using the Pomodoro Technique for my university, but now I want to share how you can implement it in your everyday tasks and obligations. I believe that it can drastically change your productivity.  


For those who are not familiar with the Pomodoro Technique, it is a time management method that uses the timer to break down any task into intervals. One interval is usually 25 minutes long with a 5-minute break. It is mostly incorporated into 2 hours of 4x25 minutes intervals. After 4 sets of 25 minutes, it is time to take a longer break, and then when you have another task you can start the timer again.


There are a lot of YouTube videos dedicated to the Pomodoro Technique. They are mostly for students but you can also put them on while you need to do something. If you think that it would be too distracting then you can just set your timer each time. I prefer Pomodoro YouTube videos as I don’t need to constantly set the timer. If you haven’t tried Pomodoro Technique before I would recommend trying both with YouTube video and without it to see which method works the best for you. If you like to work with music in the background you can also make a playlist following the Pomodoro Technique.


This technique will make your day much more productive. You will be able to finish even the most difficult tasks quicker than you would without this technique. That is the case because your brain shifting into this state in which it knows the exact amount of time it needs to concentrate. Before you start the timer you should decide what you need to get done. It can be something like cleaning, reading, replying to an email, etc. 

Make a to-do list for that day and be precise. Decide how many of 25 intervals you will need for one task before starting it. You don’t need to work on one thing for 2 hours if you can get it done in two intervals. Objectively think about each task and don’t set too little time and then get discouraged. The key to success is to focus 100% while those 25 minutes while they are running and on that one task you need to do.


It might be difficult at first as your brain is probably used to doing things for a few minutes at a time. After your mind starts to get used to this method you will soon notice that you can get done much more than usual. You won't find it hard to focus on just one thing for a longer time. Include it in different aspects of your life for even bigger changes. 

 Have you ever tried the Pomodoro Technique? 
Do you find it helpful? 

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