Going Through Life At Your Own Pace

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Do you feel like you are one step behind everyone else? 

It is like you are constantly finding and loosing yourself over and over again. Wandering around not knowing where you are headed or where you want to end up. No matter how old you are or how many things you’ve accomplished throughout your life you probably felt this way at least once. I believe that this is the feeling that more and more people are getting. 

Something that always surprises me is the fact that I am always learning something new about others but particularly about myself. As soon as I thought that I figured myself out it ends up that it was only a top of the iceberg. We tend to forget that life is a journey. Just because we think that we got to our destination doesn’t mean that the journey is over. 

This is a question that is probably floating in most of our minds. How to live the life without any regrets? How to become the best version of ourselves? Unfortunately the answer to this question is something we all need to find for ourselves. We can’t just copy what others that we think are leading the perfect life are doing. It doesn’t work that way. When you start to imitate others lifestyle you are not building your own you are just placing yourself in a mold that you can’t fit in. 

I know how frustrating it is when it seems like you are not accomplishing enough and the time is not slowing down. At the end of the day you can’t pinpoint what meaningful you actually did. Each day becomes the same and at the end it all feels blurry. 

The first thing that came up in your mind after you read this question is the thing that you are supposed to work on. We have so many opportunities that it can be overwhelming to realize what is that one thing that is standing out the most. You want to achieve so much that you end up not achieving anything at all. 

There is this pressure that we need to be good at everything that we do. It is the mindset that we accept from the young age and that mindset is just pushing us away from the things that we are meant to do. Do what makes your soul happy. Do it just because of that reason. Forget about the money, the fame, the society approval. 

When we do something we love and not necessary something that others or we ourselves think we should do, doubt starts to creep into our mind. We start to feel like what we are doing for our own happiness isn’t as important as something that is generally thought as acceptable. Only thing that we need is the balance between the things that we maybe don’t love but need to do for our own good and between something that we truly love and feel passionate about. You can do both, you just need to prioritize what is important and stick to is. 

Some are going through the life with a determination and clear goal which makes it seem like they are way ahead while others are taking their time trying to figure out what is the best for them. There is no right or wrong. You are the decision maker and you are controlling your own life. The first stop is really listening to your body and mind. Learn about what are you good at, what you love and what is the best way for you to accomplish the great things. Wisely choose your own path and the pace that is working best for you.

Where are you in your life at the moment? 
Do you feel like you are trying to navigate through it or are you on the path you want to be? 

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