3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Natural Skincare Products

Thursday, November 1, 2018

As beautiful as Autumn/ Winter days can be the change in temperature can definitely be felt on our skin. The crisp morning air and the wind are not the best combination. Skincare is surely something that a lot of beauty bloggers and YouTubers talk about. I’m glad to see the diversity in products and methods although it can sometimes get a little bit overwhelming. Majority of the skincare brands claim that their products are natural and organic which may be through but you can’t be completely sure. 

Skincare is very important not just to look good but also to feel good. Most of the time we don’t even think of a skin as the biggest organ of human body. As you should care for the health of your heart, brain and liver you should also take care of your skin. Sometimes we experiment with different products not knowing our skin type and the reaction it can have to different ingredients. I’m sure that most of us don’t bother to and probably don't have time to read all of the ingredients of each product. In fact even if you do read them I’m sure that most of the time you don’t know what half of them are. 

Choosing products that are completely natural, homemade and safe for your skin type is very important. Randomly trying out a lot of different product may not cause any problems to your skin right now but it can definitely show later. I always chose the natural skincare products and here are 3 reasons why I think you should too. 

Natural skin care products contain ingredients that are taking slower to show result but when they do it’s for a long run. They are working with your skin and not forcing it to change. Because of the way the real organic skin care and beauty brands work, their products are produced so that they take out everything that is good for you from each element. The point is that they feeds your skin and gives back everything it once had but lost as you got older. If you choose the right brand, you don’t need to worry about weird chemicals that some of other skin care products contain. Although choosing natural skincare over drugstore one may seem expensive, their products will make your skin get healthier so you won’t need to use as many products as you used to. There are a lot of easy ways that you can make natural ointments and oils for your skin type which is even cheaper. 

Our skin usually have bad reactions because of the harsh chemicals, artificial colors and fragrances that convenient skincare brands use in their products as they want a result right now. You might even be allergic to some of them without even knowing. With natural and organic skincare products it’s a different story. There are a lot of ingredients that can irritate different skin types and make some serious damage to your skin. You can easily find a list of those ingredients online and see if any of your current skincare products contain them. Most of the organic brands use carefully picked ingredients that don’t clash with natural properties of our skin. Our skin absorbs everything we put on it which is definitely a great reminder to carefully look what exactly that is. Which products we use can have a big impact on our overall health. 

This is in my opinion the best reason why you should dive into the world of natural beauty and skincare products. There are so many amazing and simple recipes you can follow to make your own ointment, cream our essential oil. You may think that the ingredients must be super expensive but that doesn’t need to be the case. I personally use marigold and rose ointment that my mother makes. It’s so beneficial for all type of skin and for any problem that your skin may suffer from. I wrote a blog post about rose and marigold ointment before so be sure to check them out if you want to know more about them. I really encourage you to give homemade skincare products a try. There is also a lot of different homemade masks you can easily mix by using the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. It’s a great way to know what exactly you are feeding your skin with.

Do you like to use natural skincare products? 
Have you ever tried to make them? 

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