Simple Actions That Will Make Your Friendship Stronger

Saturday, July 7, 2018

There are a lot of tips for romantic relationships. Articles about what you should and shouldn’t do in that kind of relationship which is normal as love is something we all wonder about. I realized that I haven’t seen a lot of helpful information’s on how to make your friendship stronger and really nourish it every day. After all even most of a romantic relationships grow out of friendships. I wanted to highlight three, in my opinion, most important things that make any friendship so much closer and stronger.

People who really know how to listen to their friends and make them open up to them are very special. We all like to tell our stories and what is happening in our lives and sometimes when it comes the time for other person to speak, we zone out. Listening to what other person has to say is so important, it doesn't matter if it's something happy or sad you shouldn't make it any less important. It shows that you really care for your friend’s life and they will really appreciate you for that. Having deep conversations, sharing secrets and having inside jokes make any friendship so much stronger. It’s impossible to know everything about each other so when you’re talking that’s a great way of learning a little bit more about each other’s personalities. 

We don’t only communicate with words; we also use different gestures and face expressions that help us to get across our message. If you not only focus on words but also on these other ways of communication you’ll be able to know what that person is thinking or feeling with just the way they walk, talk or even when they’re doing absolutely nothing. When you know your friend that well then it’s truly a deep and meaningful friendship that will probably last for a life time. 

Every real relationship has its foundations based on honesty. We all know that honesty is the best policy and we should all make sure that it’s always like that. It’s definitely not possible to be honest with every person you meet. With honesty I mean about truly being who you are and really feeling comfortable to talk with that person without hiding anything or feeling like you should hide something. If you are able to honestly answer your friends question even if you disagree with them than it means that you feel very comfortable and that you don’t necessary need to agree with them just because you are friends. It should go other way around as well. 

That person needs to be able to accept your opinion without getting mad or immediately breaking the friendship. I definitely think that this gives you a special bond. Whenever you’re in that kind of situation where you’re asked something you should honestly answer it. The key is that you do it politely. Because even if you disagree you need to be considerate of that persons emotions and respect their opinion. It definitely gives an interesting side to your friendship as you can have all night conversations about different topics and learn from each other. 

Being there for each other and always supporting big decisions that they’re making in their lives is super important. Sometimes we tend to focus only on our lives and things that are currently happening and forget that others may be struggling as well. If they need help with making those decisions be sure to also give them your advice. If they came for you for help then that means they trust you and value your opinion. Knowing when to step in and help out is really important. I would definitely recommend that you just give them an advice and then let them make a decision themselves as at the end it is their life. 

Supporting each others in a good but especially in bad moments will make you know that you really have someone to rely on. Truly being supportive means being understanding, encouraging and non judgmental. This is really important even if you are not close and you can’t really meet each other, talk in person and comfort them. It also means giving your friend a space to breath and focus on all the things they have on their mind. Knowing when to do so will make your friendship even stronger. 

How do you make your friendships stronger? 
How long do you know your best friend? 

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