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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Taking extra care of my skin is something that I took seriously this year. I realized how much of an effect the products I’m using external and internal have on my skin. After I decided to stop wearing makeup for a few months I needed to find products that will help me protect my skin and make it look healthier. I’ve heard so many amazing things about Korean skincare products and I wanted to try them out for a long time. As you already know I’m all for natural and gentle products that I know will benefit my skin in the long run. I was very excited when I got the opportunity to try out the Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner


As I already mentioned, Dear, Klairs is a Korean skincare brand that has a big range of skincare products for all skin types. They don’t test their products on animals which is something that I’m looking for in every product I use. I like that they focus on natural ingredients that really nourish the skin. 

The Supple Preparation Unscented Toner is actually the first product from this brand that I heard amazing things about. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers and YouTubers using it. I definitely wanted to test it myself and share my opinion with you. 


The Toner comes in a very firm clear plastic bottle. I really like that it’s completely clear so I can always see how much of the product I have left. You get a 180ml of the product for. The lid is sturdy and I don’t worry that the toner will leak out if I put the bottle in my bag. 

It has a tiny opening which makes it easier to control the amount of product you want to use so you’re not wasting any of it. I really like that on the bottom of it you can see when the expiration date is as I haven’t noticed that on most of the beauty products. As it is something you use on your skin it’s great to know how long it’s actually good for you to apply it.


The actual toner is completely clear like most of the other toners. I was really surprised by the consistency of it. It’s of course liquid but it has a silky feeling to it. I thought that it will be much more watery. It’s completely unscented which I really like as sometimes the scent of the skincare products gives me a headache. I was very happy that it’s artificial fragrance-free. As I already mentioned it’s cruelty-free but also vegan-friendly, ethanol-free, paraben-free, silicon free, essential oil-free, steroid-free, and artificial coloring free. 

When I first applied it on my face it felt kind of sticky which made me a little bit skeptical as that’s something that usually put me of from a product, but after a few seconds, that stickiness just went away. I was afraid that my face will feel sticky afterward but it didn’t. You really don’t need a lot of product as it has a smooth consistency and it’s very easy to apply it. 


I use it as a part of my nighttime routine. Before I apply the toner I make sure that my skin is completely clean. Supple Preparation Unscented Toner is the first product I use after cleansing my skin. Even if you don’t wear a lot of makeup the dirt from the air and the damaged skin is what is left in your pores and what can be the cause of the redness, blemishes, and breakouts. My skin is half dry and half oily so when I use the toner I tend to focus on my dry area more. If you have very dry skin you can definitely apply it multiple times. Don’t be afraid to layer it. 

I first take a cotton pad and put a little bit on it to go over my whole face and see if any dirt or makeup is remaining. After that, I put a few drops on my palms and gently apply it on my face. I lightly pat my face with palms so that the skin can absorb the toner. I was so surprised by how fast it’s absorbing. After the first few days of using it, I could already feel how hydrated and moisturized my skin felt. 

Whit trying out a new skincare product the first few days are always crucial as your skin is adapting to a new product. I’m glad that it didn’t irritate my skin in contrast it felt so rejuvenated. It balances the pH level of the skin which really helped to reduce my redness. Toner helps your skin to hold that moisture and making sure that it really stays in your skin as long as possible. I really noticed that my skin is feeling super soft and refreshed when I wake up. 

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