Dealing With Motion Sickness As An Adult

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Motion sickness is something that I'm sure a lot of you know about. It's a condition in which there is a disagreement between visually perceived movement and the vestibule system's sense of movement. To put is simply it’s a conflict between your senses and the brain who can’t take in all those different signals. It is something that is so rarely talked about and I personally thought that there aren’t a lot of adults who suffer from it. It’s commonly connected with little children and pregnant women but it's very common among adults as well. 

I’ve been dealing with motion sickness since I can remember. When I was little it was so strong that even a half an hour journey by car through well known roads would make me feel sick. I would end up vomiting and feeling completely exhausted afterward which made every car journey for me and my family hard. I’m the only one from my brother and sister that suffer from motion sickness and it wasn't pleasant. 

I thought that once I grow up it would completely disappear and I would be able to finally enjoy road trips without the fear of feeling dizziness or throwing up. Unfortunately, although it’s not as bad as it was before, I still suffer from it. It’s definitely better as I’ve been dealing with it for so long and I can predict when it’s going to happen and how I can prevent it or at least reduce it. It can show in different stages and states so I always need to be aware. I want to share with you few of the things that really help me to deal with it as better as I can. 

Although this may be super obvious it’s easy to forget when you’re with your friends on the road having fun. It’s called motion sickness for a reason so try to keep the head motion at minimum. This can be different for each person and also very hard to do. For some people just a little bit of motion can trigger the nausea and some need more to feel it coming. If you have car sickness then I recommend you to sit in the front or back but in the middle. I find that I don’t get sick when I can see the road in front of me. Bumpy road with lots of turns is definitely the worst kind for those who suffer from motion sickness so be extra careful. 

Try not to turn back or look around too much. I know that you would like to see the nature around you when you travel but that’s why try to sit where you can see everything without moving around a lot. Another thing that you should not do is to read. As the motion sickness is connected to your eyes any fast moves in different directions with your head can make it worse. So keep your phone, books and maps away or do it quickly and as soon as you start to feel dizzy put it away and look in front of you. 

Motion sickness can affect your stomach which can lead to throwing up. As I already mention this is for me the worst part of motion sickness. I used to throw up whenever I went somewhere by car or bus. It got much better as I got older because I knew why it would happen. If you notice the increase in saliva production that means that your body is trying to protect your mouth from the stomach acid that will get in your mouth when you throw up. This doesn’t sound fun and it definitely isn’t so as soon as you notice this either try to stop and get some fresh air or take few deep breathes and stay still. 

Eating something that is not too greasy or heavy will be less triggering for your stomach. I know a few people that like to eat peppermint when they travel as it makes their body calm. There are of course medication that you can buy for motion sickness. When I was little I used to drink a syrup and when I got a little bit older I started to use tablets. I currently don’t drink tablets for motion sickness because I can control it most of the time. If you suffer from severe motion sickness then be sure to contact your doctor and see which medication could help you. 

When you start to feel dizzy and you notice that your eyes are shifting it means that your motion sickness is starting. Immediately when you realize those two things find an object or direction on which you will focus. Look at stable object as it will calm your eyes and you’ll be able to get better sooner. Try to relax as much as you can and take deep breaths. When you start to feel nausea it’s easy to start to feel anxious and panicky which makes it even worse. If you’re in the car open the window so that the cold and fresh air fills the car. 

Try to always keep a paper bag in your car or bag as it might be easier for you to calm down if you breathe in it. It’s also great to have a bag near if you start to feel like throwing up. I know that for some people closing eyes and trying to fall asleep is helpful, but personally I can’t do that as it makes me feel even dizzier. It’s really different for each person and what is helpful for me can make it even worse for somebody else. It’s important to realize the symptoms and the things that work for your body the best. 

Motion sickness is really not easy and whenever you’re traveling with your friends or family mention that you can get dizzy and nausea so that they can also help you. When I feel dizzy I personally find it hard to talk to people as I’m trying to focus on one object and on my breath which can seem rude. That’s why I always tell my friends what’s going on. I know that you might feel like you ruined the trip but it’s not your fault. 

Do you suffer from motion sickness? 
How do you deal with it? 
How does it affect your life? 

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