Why I Stopped Using Foundation & Focused On Skincare

Saturday, May 26, 2018

I remember how exciting the day that I discovered the world of makeup was. Since I was a little girl I was always curious about all those beautiful products my mom and aunts would wear. Once my grandma helped me to get lipsticks from my aunts without them knowing and I though that I'm included in that makeup sisterhood. I believe that makeup has a big impact on every woman, depending on your relationship with it.  

I would say that I started to wear makeup pretty late. I might have been 17 years old. Even then it wasn’t anything heavy. I just used it as a tool to cover any imperfection and put accent on part of my face that I find pretty. I never thought about makeup as a mask to hide myself or try to make myself look like somebody else. I know that most of the girls in their teenage years feel pressured to wear makeup which is totally unnecessary and I always tell my younger cousins that they shouldn’t apply makeup because they feel like they need to. I think that makeup is a way to express yourself and it’s fun to do. I believe that you should wear makeup only when you feel like it and always have that option of not wearing it. 

I love makeup and makeup products and I always will but recently my mindset about it changed. I started to actually think about the products I’m using and applying to my face almost every day. I never had a big problem with going out without any makeup on.  Although it was definitely different on each day and the mood I was in. I’ve never had a big problems with my skin although it’s not perfect at all. I have blemishes, pimples and imperfections which I used to cover up just to make my skin tone a little bit more even. At one moment my skin was in such a good condition but then with all the stress it got bad again. 

Few months ago I decided to go out without any makeup on except mascara because to be honest I was too lazy to do my makeup. When I looked at myself in the mirror in the middle of the day I realized that my skin doesn’t look as bad as I thought that it would. Then the week went and I haven’t put anything else on my face. Every night I would wash my face using Nivea and I realized that my skin got clearer and clearer. Only then I realized that in the past when I wanted to cover my imperfections I was actually making them even worse in the long term. The foundation just clogged my pores and made me break out even more. It’s been probably a month now that I’ve stopped wearing foundation, and just to clarify this doesn’t mean that I’m not going to wear it in the future. I’m currently trying to find some other makeup products like primers or BB cremes that are not too heavy so I can use them whenever I want to do my makeup. 

I decided put my skin in the first place and make it look as beautiful as it can without covering anything up. I still get breakouts and redness which I try to treat with natural products as Rose and Marigold Ointment or some homemade face masks and scrubs. I also try to eat more greens, fruits and drink more water so that my skin is always hydrated from the inside as well. If you are teenage girl I really recommend you to take care of your skin and use makeup to emphasize parts of your face that you find beautiful and not to only focus on covering up those little imperfections that probably nobody but only you see.

Have you ever gone completely makeup free for longer than few days?
What kind of relationship do you have with makeup?

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