Amazing & Free Flat Lay Props You Need To Use

Friday, January 5, 2018

In today’s world photography became very popular and appreciated. Most of the people like looking at photos over reading. That’s the main reason that social media as Instagram is so popular. There are so many kind of photography styles out there. My personal favorite one is of course flat lay. 

Flat lay photography has been popular among the blogger and Instagram community for quite some time now. It’s basically a photo arranged on a flat surface taken from a bird angle. It’s the perfect choice for those that don’t actually like to be on photos. 

I’m sure hat if you write in flat lay anywhere on the internet most of the photos will have coffee or tea in it. It’s the most popular and common prop you can use. Playing with different shades and cups will give your photo a dimension and liveliness. If you are beginner at flat lays it can be a great main prop. You can focus all the other props around it. But don’t go overboard. I know that sometimes you can get out of ideas and you’ll want to use coffee in every single photo. 

When you want to fill blank space and make your flat lay to look more put together stationary is the best choice. You can add different pens, scissors, rulers, pins… I like to add them at the corners or between main products that I’m shooting. Try not to use all the stationary in the same photo as it may look messy and crowded. Don’t put it just because you have nothing else to put. You need to look at the whole picture and are each element going well together. 

Adding just a little flower into your flat lay can make it so much more fresh and cheerful. In the Spring and Summer you can easily go outside and pick up flowers from your garden or from the field. Pick only as much as you’ll need for the photo. As I love to use flowers in my photos I tend to after shooting them alive, dry them. That way I can use them even during Autumn and Winter. You can dry almost every flower. But the easiest ones are the roses. You have another option as well and that is buying flowers. I definitely recommend using real and not fake flowers as they much better in photos. 

Yes, you read it right. You can actually be a great prop. If you hold a cup of coffee, book or even if you just nicely put your hand in the photo it can give a real feeling to it. Sometimes flat lays can be a little too much perfect and not so relatable. Sometimes it can be hard to actually get the shot, especially if you’re shooting it yourself. Practice is the key. Try out few different hand poses and you’ll get to that perfect one. Another body part you can use are legs. This is great if you don’t actually like to be on photos but want to make your flat lays a little bit more personal.

Do you like to take flat lays? 
What's your favorite prop to use? 

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