2 Best Ways To Ease Anxiety During Exam

Monday, January 8, 2018

Education has been part of my life for over 14 years and at least 3 more years in the future. It gave me a lot of experience at the exam field. I’m quite positive that exams are the most stressful part of education for most of us. It’s even more stressful if you put a lot of pressure on yourself and trigger anxiety. Here is how you can make it less anxious. 

If you only started to study for exam the night before of course you’ll feel stressed and anxious. Take enough time before exam to go through every chapter and memories all the important things that may come up in the exam. If you tried your best and went through all the materials that might be in the exam you’ll feel less anxious. When you start writing the exam you’ll be at ease because you’ll know that you actually studied and that you don’t need to worry as much. Try to think that you at least know for passing the exam. 

I recommend you to first read all the questions on the exam and then start answering the ones that you know for sure. That way you’ll brain will go through other questions and you’ll remember answer sooner. If you read the first question and don’t know the answer you’ll start feeling anxious and your mind will block. You won’t be able to remember the answer although you probably know it. So don’t rush it. If you studied you’ll have enough time to finish your exam.

Thinking how you’ll fail and your life will be over is really not going to help you at all. I know that sometimes we think negative because if we fail we can say that we knew it and if we pass we’ll be happy. I’m totally guilty of it as well. It may work for you but try to not beat yourself up and make it even worse with negative thinking. Always try to focus on positive, even f you don’t write it as good as you could have. We all work different under pressure and exams really put that to test. If you practice your mind and go into it without feeling too stressed out you’ll end up feeling better. Try to visualize you getting your grade and feeling proud and happy before the exam.

Get excited to finally show all your knowledge and hard work you’ve been putting into this exam. After you’re done with your exam, think about how you’ve tried your best and that now that it’s over you can relax a little bit. Even if you fail, although you won’t because you studied for it, it’s not the end of the world. Exams aren’t always the right representation of your knowledge. You can’t be the best in every single subject.

Do you find exams very stressful? 
How do you deal with that stress and anxiety? 

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