Activities Any Introvert Will Love

Friday, January 12, 2018

If you are an introvert than I’m sure that your favorite activities are reading books or watching a movie snuggled in your bed with a cup of tea and maybe cuddling your pet. As amazing as doing those things is there are definitely some other activities you should try out. They are all supper fun and they’ll make you feel very comfortable and relaxed.

There is something very calming in plants and actually growing them. Doing things that make you relax is definitely a must for every introvert. Finding new plants that you can put in your home is definitely an exciting thing to do. It’s scientifically proven that having plants in your home is very beneficial for your overall health. Take some time from your day and make a beautiful oasis in your home. Walking through garden centers is on its own a very nice experience that can make you feel so much happier. 

I definitely think that succulents are the best option if you want to have greenery in your home but still want something that won’t die if you don’t take extra care for it every single day. There are so many cute little ones you can easily buy and then plant in cut little pots. As introverts like to collect things maybe this is the right choice for you.


With just you and yourself. Although going to the coffee shop alone can be quite challenging it’s definitely something that you should try and do at least once. The best way to make it feel less dreadful is to choose the right place for you. Spot that’ll make you feel relaxed, comfy and as you’re in your own home. Although it may take you quite some time to actually find it, it’s okay. Maybe that’ll became the place that you’ll feel very motivated in and you’re going to want to have coffee dates more often. 

It’s definitely important for every introvert to feel comfortable in your environment. That’s the reason that we love to spend time in the comfort of our own home so much. Actually going outside where are people and not feeling anxious is possibly a dream of every introvert so why not give it a shot.

Doing puzzles is the best way to make yourself entertained and actually keep your mind busy. There are so many different kinds of puzzles you can do. If you’re more into assembling things than the jigsaw puzzle is the perfect one for you. It’s actually crazy how many different types of jigsaw puzzles you can get. At the end you’ll have a beautiful photo that you put together yourself. You can also do Sudoku, crosswords or online puzzles.

 You can buy a book with all types of puzzles in it and take it with yourself in the park or on your commute to make it more enjoyable. It’s a very relaxing thing to do and I think that most of people actually never think about doing it which is such a shame. You can take as much time as you need to complete it and fully enjoy your time doing it. 

Sometimes taking classes in a space with lot of other people isn’t very appealing. Thankfully there are other ways you can try out new things in the comfort of your home. Yoga is by far one of the best things you can do for your body and mind as an introvert. It’ll make you feel energized, happy and flexible. There are a lot of YouTube channels that provides you with amazing Yoga workout videos. The best part is that you can basically do them whenever and wherever you want. 

The one that I would definitely recommend is called Yoga With Adriane. I really like the style of her videos and every routine is very mindful and relaxing. Of course if you write Yoga on Pinterest it’ll show you a lot of Yoga poses you can easily print and practice Yoga that way.

Are you an introvert? 
Which activities do you like to do the most? 

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