Homeware IKEA Wish List

Friday, June 16, 2017

Interior design is definitely something I feel very passionate about. I always enjoyed decorating my bedroom and making it more cozy and me. I'm planning on going to IKEA as I've never been there before. I scrolled through their web site and they definitely have some pretty amazing things. 

I think that little decorative pieces can change the complete view of every room. I was always a lover of minimalism and unique bits and bobs. Putting interesting shape vase on my rustic bedside table will give it such an interesting combination of vintage and modern which I really like. 

I love plants and the way they make any room look so much more relaxed and fresh. Succulent are the best and most grateful plants out there. I just adore how they look. This one is in such a beautiful pot which would go amazing on my big wooden book shelf. My walls are pretty blank and I've searching for an interesting art. This frame with flower prints would look so beautiful. 

I have quite a lot of little souvenirs that I can't display so I need something to put them in. I love how this box looks.  It has cute corners and  handle which would make it easy to pull it out whenever I need it. I have a big vintage mirror from my grandmother but I don't actually own a table mirror. This copper one would go great with my room color palette. 

Have you ever been to IKEA?
What's on your homeware wish list? 

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