Tips To Turn Everyday Into Productive Day

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Productivity is something I struggled a lot with in the past. I just couldn't start task and finish it. I felt so lost and stressed out. My life got so complicated especially when all the finals came. I knew I just need to start doing things right. These are my personal tips on productivity and overall organization. I use them all the time and they made my life so much easier. 

I need to confess that To-do lists didn't work for me before. I just didn't take them serous and sometimes even forgot I made them. But that changed when I started High School. I just needed to know my priority's and what I need to do. So the thing that I like to do is to specify which tasks are more problematic and for which I need more time. That tasks I do first. I realized that when I did opposite way (easy task first) I just didn't have motivation to start hard ones. Another good idea is to make work tasks in one column and then in another personal ones.  

I know how tempting it is to work on bed in your pajama. That isn't really a best idea. I mean if it works for you then just go ahead but I know that it doesn't work for me. I just get so tired and I want to sleep. I can't even work in dark rooms. I need to have my lights turned on so that I don't fall asleep. Best place for me to work is my table. I have everything I need to work there and I feel the most motivated when I work there. 

This is something that works different for each person. So as I started college half of the day is already planned for me. But the other half is not. I have classes mostly in the morning so I have afternoon free. 

I like to dedicate the most of the time for subjects that are harder I'll do 45 minutes of learning and then I'll take some blog photos for 15 minutes. That way I'm studying but also getting other things done.  

Yes that means your phone, laptop and TV. Clear your working area from anything that can distract you from working. I know that some people like to work with music on. My advice is to put some instrumental or classic music. Put your phone on airplane mode or if you think that it won't work leave it in another room. After you finish your task your prize can be 5 minutes of Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Another tip is to bring everything you need before you start to work. I hate it when I'm in the middle of my studying and I realize I forgot my marker or I'm thirsty. I immediately break my work mind. Prepare everything.

It's really important to find that time when your work day ends and personal begins. I have a little ritual that I do every day when I finish my tasks. I prepare everything for tomorrow. I put all of the books that I'm going to need, decide what I'm going to wear and eat. That's how I know that I'm done working for today. Usually 20:35 I would do that. Sometimes after that I would watch TV show, listen to music or read a book. It's nicer when you know that working day is over and you deserved your relaxing time. 

Do you have any productivity tips?