Vintage Cat Necklace

Monday, April 4, 2016

This year I really decided that I’m going to wear more jewelry. I have quit a lot of beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets that I just forget to wear. Now I try to mix my accessories more often. This gorgeous little necklace has been favorite of mine recently.

I got it from eBay for about 3 dollars but I think that you can get it for even less. I fell in love with it immediately when I saw it. Little cats eyes really got me as I’m the biggest cat person ever. I love everything cat related.  I really like simple and cute little things like this one. It looks adorable with every single outfit. It’s made of alloy like I think most of the necklaces are. 

The cabochon is 25 mm long and the chain is 60 centimeters long which I find is a perfect length for me. I don’t like too long or too short necklaces. It looks old fashion and vintage and I’m a big fan of those kinds of bits and bobs. I’ve been wearing it for non stop and a lot of my friends really like it so I think it would be a perfect gift for birthday. There is so many different types of it and I’m seriously thinking of getting another one. 

I know that some people are skeptic about buying things from eBay because you never know in what condition you’ll get it. This necklace came nicely packed and without any damage. It took 2 weeks for it to arrive. But because I live quit far away I’m used to that. 

Do you like this necklace?  
Have you been buying anything from eBay recently?