Spring Fashion Essentials

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The weather is getting better and better day by day. Sun is shining and I replaced my winter coat with light jacket and boots with trainers. As you already know I love everything about Spring and there is no different with its fashion. Although nobody says that you need to wear only dark colors in Winter I think that the weather kind of subtly requires you to wear them. So it’s so nice to replace those dark colors with pretty bright ones. Today I’m going to show you my Spring fashion essentials.

Blouse~ I think that blouse is something that everyone need in their closet. At least one of them. They are such a staple. You can easily dress them up with staple necklace or dress them down with just putting them in a jeans. I have few of them in different colors. They are light and floaty. Sometimes it can get a little bit chilly so I just put a blazer or a leather jacket over it.

Shirt~ I usually dress very casually and comfy. So I have a lot of cute long and short sleeves shirts.  I think that they are so easy to layer. I like to pair them with skinny jeans and denim jacket. I really like the material of this red one. It’s so soft.

Vans and Converse ~ I’m a big vans and converse girl. I pretty much live in them. They are so comfortable and  look cute. Especially if they have cool print. I fell in love with this leopard print ones. I’ve been looking for them for so long and was so happy when I finally found them. They were 10 pounds which I think is a pretty good price. Because the print is black and white they go with pretty much everything.

Scarves ~ I just recently stated to really wear scarves. I think that they add such a nice detail and lift up the whole outfit. I like thin and light ones. My favourite one is floral printed and the material is very nice. It’s sheer and it’s not suffocating me.

Jeans ~ In Spring time I like to mix my jeans game. Usually I just wear skinny jeans but when the weather gets better I try to mix it up. I’ve been loving lighter and different types of jeans. I think that they go perfectly with pastel shades and look vivid. 

What are your essentials for this Spring?