Making Time For Reading

Monday, April 18, 2016

I am a huge book lover but sometimes it's hard to make time for them. As much as I would love to read more then one book a day it sometimes just isn't possible. When life gets busy it's easy to put away your books and stop reading.  It happened to me before and I hated it. I decided that I want to change that. 

I have few tips that helped me read more even when my schedule was pretty busy. They are really simple and you can totally adjust them to your schedule. I think that doing just one tip to start reading more is great. Books are amazing and we should all appreciate them more. 

  • Daily Goals ~ Making a daily goal of how much pages you're going to read is very helpful. I used to be too ambitious and set myself too many pages that I couldn't read. Now I read at least 20 pages in a day. On some day's I have more time so I can read more but I can't read less then 20 pages. You can also read a chapter a day. 

  • Set Time ~Setting time is very important. When you get used to read at specified it's more likely that you're actually going to read at that time. It works different for every person. I like to read before bed. I make myself a cup of tea, lay in my bed and read. I know that some people like to do it in the morning too. Just find a perfect time for you. 

  • Take Your Book Everywhere ~ You never know when the perfect moment for reading will come. Maybe your bus is late or you find a perfect bench in the park for reading. It happened to me so many time that I had time for reading but haven't had my book with me. 

  • Read what you love~ Reading a book that you don't find interesting isn't very productive. If you don't need to read for school or job then just put it away and grab a new one. No one said that you need to finish a book just because you started to read it. If you really like the book it's more likely that you're going to read it faster. 

  • Make a list~ Making a list of book that you want to read will make you excited and want to read more. At least it works that way for me. I have a huge list of book that I want to read this year and I'm determined to read every single one of them. 

Let me know your tips to make time for reading.