How To Have Fun This Summer?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Fun. Summer. Yeah you may think that you can't have boring summer days but it can happen. Trust me it can. You just get in the routine and stop having fun. It happened to me so many times.  So to make sure that this don't happen to you I present you 5 best ideas for day's when you don't know what to do...You're welcome. :D

  • Explore your city ~ You may think that your city or even village is boring and there is nothing to do. Well you might be wrong. One day just grab your friend, camera and flyer of your city and go on an adventure. Explore and have fun. Do everything that a tourist would do. You can ask your parents or grandparents about places where they were having fun. You can even ask them for a picture of that places and you can compare how is this place looking now and how did it looked then. I'm sure you are going to be surprised how many things you didn't know about the place you live in. 

  • Water balloon fight~ Water and balloons are two things that I love and when you combine those two you get the most amusing activity ever. This is my absolutely favorite thing to do on hot Summer days. Invite your friends and tell them to take swimsuits because they are getting wet. Fill balloons with water and fun can begin. 

  • Host a barbecue ~ I'm sure that your friends and you are going to be hungry after water balloon fight and barbecue is perfect thing to do next. Your friends can get drinks and you responsible for meat. You can make hot dogs, burgers...ok now I'm getting hungry.  You don't even need to have a grill, just make fire, find a few sticks and put the marshmallows, corn or sausages. 

  • Catch fireflies~ You know dose flying lights well that are bugs. So I'm not really a fun of bugs but these light. My childhood Summer days were filled with late nights catching fireflies with my friends. We were racing who will catch more. Of course we let them free. It's just fun. 

  • Take more pictures ~ Although I'm sure that you'll remember your summer, pictures are great way to capture perfect moments. Photograph your friends, sunset, sunrise, fireflies, every meaningful moments.  I love to look through my old summer pictures and remember all the fun night I had. 

What do you do on Summer days?