Simple Little Things

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I wish that I took this photo but I'm not that lucky. It's from Tumblr.

I have a thing that when I really like something I'll watch it all day. That's what happened with X Factor auditions videos. I watched it all week every day. I just couldn't believe that there are so many talented people. Listening to some of them I got goose bumps. It's crazy.

Other things that I've been listening this week are Christmas songs. I mean who haven't been. I really love Michael Buble Christmas album. I'm listening to it right now... Have yourself a merry little Christmas Night 

I reach 100 bloglovin followers. I almost screamed when I saw it. You can't even imagine how happy and grateful I am that someone wants to read my sweet passions..see what I did there hehe. I'm really thankful to everyone of you who take a little of your time and stop and read my posts. It means a world to me.

Been obsessed with Tumblr. There are so many beautiful winter pictures. As I love everything vintage it's the same with images. Looking  at winter and Christmas images on Tumbler make me so happy and in Christmas spirit. 

I decorated all my room and house with Christmas decorations. It looks so pretty. My mum and I are like to get in Christmas mood very early. I put some of decorations at the end of November but don't tell anyone.  

I was so happy when I saw that they put Christmas three on the street of my nearby city. It is so big and pretty. I love seeing everybody's putting fairy lights and Christmas decorations on their houses. 

Which things made you happy this week? 



  1. lovely photo...and congrats for 100 followers on bloglovin!