Festive Make Up Look

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year's Eve. Today I wanted to show you makeup look that I'm going to where tonight. I didn't do post like this in a while and I thought that today would be a perfect time for it. It's really simple but festive look. It's perfect for parties and special occasions. Hope you like it! 

Base: As I'm going to celebrate New Year's Eve in a hot room full of people and I'm probably going to dance a lot,  I don't want my make up to go anywhere. Before foundation I'm going to use Essence Coverstick. I'll put it underneath my eyes and on my blemishes. I think that it covers perfectly and don't dry my skin. So for the foundation I'm going to use Maybelline Affinimat Foundation. Although I started to use it recently it became one of my favorite foundations. It blends easily and hide imperfections. To set everything I'll use Catrice All Matt Plus- Shine Control Powder. It gives nice finish and control shine. 

Cheeks: On a daily bases I like to use more natural pink shades. But as it's more festive occasion I decided to go with more red shade. I'm going to use Essence Silky Touch Blush. This shade is really nice. It's not too dark and it gives nice and healthy look. 

Lips: I like red lipsticks but I don't wear them very often. And if I am wearing them it's not very dramatic. I got this beautiful AVON Colortrend lipstick for my birthday and I really like it. It's in such a beautiful pink/red shade. It is creamy, hydrating and makes my lips soft. 

Eyes: I think that when it comes to festive eyes one is for sure there must be glitter. You may realize that I love everything natural and that refers to eyes to. I rarely ever where eyeshadows. So as I have to go with something glittery I'm going to go with Rival de Loop Young Lovely Eyes eyeshadow. It haves three really nice and natural glittery shades. First is gold, second is champagne and thirds is brown. I'm going to apply gold shade all over my eyelid and the champagne one on my crease. It really gives nice shimmery look. For eyeliner I'm going to use Essence Eyeliner Pen. And the last I'm going to apply Essence Lash Princes Mascara. I think that no look is complete without mascara. This one gives volume and separates my eyelashes.

This is my last post of this amazing 2014. I hope that you'll have wonderful night and that you'll spend it with people you love. xoxo


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