Motivational Monday Quote #37

Monday, December 1, 2014

Sometimes I find myself doubting my decisions or my dreams.  I feel like maybe I'm not that strong or smart to accomplish that. Like I'm not good enough. It can really bust my self-esteem. I think that that was going on in my life couple of week ago. I just felt like I'm doing something wrong. 

But I realize that I can't be the one who will  allow doubts to ruin my dreams. It's something that no one should allow to happen. Because if we don't believe in ourselves, who will? We need to have faith in our skills and abilities. 

When we fail we find strength and motivation to move forward. It can make us stronger. But  doubt can make us give up on our dreams and force us to accept things that are under our capabilitiesToo much doubt can stop us living our lives to the full.

Never let doubt to kill your dreams. Believe in yourself and your dreams. Don't let anything or anyone to stop you on your way to the goals. Focus on what you really wont and you'll get it. 



  1. Loved your posts and your blog is amazing! Lately I have done the Liebster Award post and I decided to nominate you as well as some other bloggers out there! I hope you join in the fun Xxxx Nikki J