Motivational Monday Quote #35

Monday, November 10, 2014

There are days in life when I don't want to do anything. I just want to rest. I'm sure that you have days like this too.  Sometimes life can be a little bit tens. It can be all too much for me.   I found that in that kind of situations I just need to clear my mind. 

I hate when I got in stage when everything is so hard and difficult and I'm feeling so tired. It makes me even worse if I think about my day and I realize that I didn't do anything productive. 

I've been in that kind of mood last week. I felt so unmotivated and tired of everything. With school, homework, tests and private life going on  I was really stressed. Then I realized that sometimes it's good to step back and relax for a little bit. Take time for myself and just clear my mind. Because there is nothing good in stressing. 

I think that it's important to stop for a minute and take a big breath.  And after we rested and charged our batteries go back to our lives. We need to focus on important things and don't let bad things to put us down. Fully motivated and ready for any tasks or our duties.  



  1. Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves that it's so easy to forget to just take a little bit of time out and have a day just for us to relax. It's an important thought, thanks for sharing!

    Sammy xo.

    1. Yeah, it's really important to take time for ourselves. Thank you for commenting! xo