{diy} Autumn Banner

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

 Couple of weeks ago I was scrolling through Pinterest for some simple Autumn DIY's. I run into this cute Banner one. I thought that this would be perfect for my room. I didn't do exactly as it was explained on the site. I adjusted it so that I could make it faster and easier but equally beautiful. 

♥ So the first thing that I did was drawing a pennant on paper. In size that I wanted them to be. I wanted them to be smaller. Then I cut it out. You can found them free online if you don't want to draw them. 

 Then I found the old clothes that I no longer used. I find pattern that I liked and held the paper pennant on it and cut it out. Do it slowly because it's not easy to cut cloth. I used just two patterns but you can use as many as you like. 

After that I ironed them so that they are not wrinkled. Now iron down your top to create the flap. Repeat that with all of your patterns. 

♥ I cut a length of jute rope and arranged them. I put a little bit of glue so that it holds firm.

Now you just need to find place to hang them. I think that it looks really cute above my bed. I hope that you liked this diy and that you'll try it out. If you do be sure to send me your pictures on my Twitter.