Essence Eyeliner Pen

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I wasn't really eyeliner fan. I didn't own any of them because I thought that it's for those that do they makeup better then me. When my best friend started to wear eyeliner I was impressed how good it looked like on her. I ask her for advice and she said that I should try it out. So we went at a local drugstore. I run into this Essence Eyeliner Pen and mascara that I reviewed couples weeks ago on a discount. I decided to give it a try. 

Of course at first I wasn't very good at it but as I wore it more I was getting better and better. I was surprised how easy it is to apply. The liner has a big nib that is firm. It has a very small point that is allowing very neat and precise thin line. That is exactly that I was hoping to get from eyeliner. I think that liner is perfectly wet and it dries fast. I don't need to go back over the line. It says that it have original japanese ink. So after all I really like this eyeliner as I am new at eyeliner I think that it's really good for me. It stays a good amount of time. I don't have to compare it with any other liners so I can't say that it is perfect but I like it. 


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