Young, Wild & Free

Friday, June 20, 2014

                      I want to be here right now!!

School is over (juhuu!!) and I have so much free time just for myself. But I don't want to just sit in front of TV and watch FRIENDS (although watching them is never a bad idea) and only move to grab a drink or something to eat. Or watching Youtube and from Zoella's vlog end up at How to learn your dog to sing? video (yeah it's bad). 

So here are some of the things that I want to do during Summer vacation. 

  Hang out with my friends as much as we can.
  Read book every other week.
  Learn to play more songs on my guitar. 
  Go to long night walks with my dog.
  Go to a road trip with my friends.
  Play football. I know that this is not on many girls list but I love to play football.
  Redecorate my room because I don't like how it's looks right now. 
  Write a new post every other day. But good and quality post.
  Make this blog best it can be. I promise I'll try my best to succeed.

I don't want to do same boring things over and over again. Want to try new things and just have fun.  Hope that I'll do most of the things from this list. :) 

What are your Summer plans?? 



  1. Lovely blog - new follower here, would love if you could check out my page if you get the time :) And this summer I also plan to do a lot of blogging x

    1. Thank you so much sweaty!! I'll definitely check it out. ;) xx