Ebay Wishlist

Friday, June 27, 2014

As everyone now's I love scrolling true Ebay. There are soo many pretty and cheap things. That is what I love about it. You can buy pretty and fashionable things that don't necessarily needs to be expensive. So these past days I found things that I really like and I thought to share them with you.  :)

Bag like this I want for ages now. I think that it's so cute. I saw them in lots of stores but they are too expensive. And I didn't want to give a lot of money for a bag that I'll carry to school and it'll probably get ruined because a lots of books. You can imagine how happy I was when I saw this one. It's available in  four color: black, beige, gray & rose red.  I think that  black and beige look really pretty...I can't decide witch one I like more.  Owl pattern is thing that attracted me to this  bags. If you did'n now I'm little bit obsessed with owls...thank you Bethany Mota. I absolutely love everything with them. And this owls on the branches are cutest thing ever. This brown letter straps give a little bite of vintage charm. I think that bag is big enough for school stuff. I like that this bag have two little pocket in front. It's always good to have some more space. 

What to say about this necklace except that it is simply gorgeous?! I still can't get over how beautiful it is.  I think this combination of gold, pastel pink and green is so retro but cute and chic. It's screaming Summer. I would wear it with simple top and jeans on daily bases or with cute dress for some special events. It can be white, green & my fave pink. This little crystals ad a little bit of elegance. Yeah I'm enchanted. :)

So I have black Sony Xperia Z1 and I can't live without him. He's first thing that I grab in the morning and let go at the night... we have special kind of relationship. But as clumsy as I am, I dropped him few time...we didn't have argument, it was  accident. And he now has few scratches. Although it's nothing serious I decide to find him a protection. I get over this cute phone case. It's on giraffe and it's so pretty. I think he'll look good in it. ;)

Although I don't wear earrings a lot I think that this one are so cute. I'll definitely wear them. They are so colorful and fun. I absolutely love this  crystals in lots of different colors and gold bow.  I think that they are the right size. I don't like hanging earrings because I don't think they suit me. I'm more of the simple but cute small earrings. 

And the last peace is this LOVE two finger ring. So about rings...I don't have even one ring. I had them when I was little and I lost them. Honestly I didn't even want ring so much. But lately I was really into rings and I like this two finger one. They are so cute and unique. I really like this vintage one. Although buying ring before trying it maybe isn't very good idea but this one have adaptive back so I think there will be no problem with that. 

So that was all the items I like and want to buy. I hope you like this post and peaces that I chose.  I think Ebay is really good site I that there you can find some very interesting and cute things.

What do you think about Ebay?? What you buy the most from it??