Easy Summer Hairstyles!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hope you have nice sunny day. 

One thing that I don't love during the summer is when my hair is on my face. I absolutely hate it. It's even worse because I have black hair and my hair is so hot that I can cook egg on it. Only rescue for me are hairstyles that are cute but holding my hair out of my face. I'll show you 3 hairstyles that I've been wearing the most. They are super easy so everyone can do it. 

 French Braid With a Twist.

First thing you need to do is to take two small section of hair in the front and braid them normally. Secure it with elastic. Tuck the braid under the hair in back. Now secure them with bobby pins. Remove elastic and release the hair to cover bobby pins. Take tree peaces to start French braid. Make it loose and sure that your small braids are part of the hair you're picking up. When you braided it all way down secure it with elastic. If you want you can softly tug the braid for more volume. I wore this hairstyle yesterday and it is so cute. 

  Messy Bun

This hairstyle is my all time fave. I think that this one I don't need to explain, cause it's something that every girl with long hair know how to do. I love to wear it when my hair is not to clean and I'm not really into braid move. That means when I'm to lazy. :)

 Pulled up Bangs

So this one is not to heavy to make too. First thing you need to do is to grab your bangs and put them up. Twist them and secure with bobby pin or with a bow. After that you can curl your hair with curling iron but as I don't have curling iron ( I know, how can I live without it) I make one big braid and leave it true the night. In the morning I have beautiful no heat curls. 

As you can tell in the summer days I like to wear simple but cute hairstyles. Hairstyles that I can make in 5 minutes. 

What kind of hairstyles do you like to wear in hot summer days?


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