Motivational Monday Quotes #2

Monday, October 7, 2013

Good evening, ladies!
First I want to apologize for the lack of activity on my blog and on social networks. The reason I did not wrote it is that I just did not find any topic that I liked . And I did not wanted to write about anything, just to write . And right now I remembered that today is Monday . I totally forgot because today I did not went to school, and I will not go tomorrow either because the extended weekend ( tomorrow is Independence Day in Croatia) .
So I rememberd that on Mondays I write " Motivational Monday Quotes " , even though I planned to write about something else,but I will leave it for tomorrow. ( Uhh silly me)
So lets look for a quote!
searching *

Now, while I was searching for quotes I came across this and a smile came to my face. This quote is so true. I am very optimistic and I believe that behind every rain comes sun. hehe. I mean, so many times the bad things happened to me and as it was difficult I knew that after so much suffering, there must be something good. And these thoughts made ​​me stronger. And because of these good things, however, is worth to suffer. So you always know that as much as you suffer, there will always come good and because of that good, you'll quickly forget the pain.

♥ ;)