Motivational Monday Quotes #3

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hi ladies!

Today is Monday, which means it's time for another "Motivational Monday Quotes " post. I hope that your Monday went or will go well!

A perfect example of this quote is a school. How many times happened to that you had to do something or learn, and you did not have the will or desire just because you do just did not love it? Put your hands up all who've been in that situation! * hand in the air What is the best, I'm just in that situation. Tomorrow will examine the biology, physics ... and I have no will or desire to learn, but I know that I must.
And it made ​​me even more angry. Because if I do not like it, then I can not give 100% and learn it very wellAhhh I'm so lazy!!So back to the quote. Find a way to love your work, whether it be learning or something else, because the only way you will be successful and happy. 
I've now got the inspiration because of this quote, but also because Macbarbie07 published a new video
* happy dance *

Hope you like it! ;) 

 Watch  Macbarbie07 videos because she is perfect and my biggest inspiration. I can not wait to see new video
I love you all! Write to you soon! xoxo
♥ ;)


  1. i know exactly what you mean!! I have mocks in two weeks but i cannot find the motivation to revise at all!! Lovely blog by the way xx