Motivational Monday Quotes #1

Monday, September 30, 2013

It is Monday. Start of a new week and new victories. I think that most of us, Monday is not the best day. Especially if you have to go to school or to work. So I got the idea that I cheerful myself and hopefully you with a few encouraging quotes every Monday!  I will set up one quotes,I will write an opinion related to it! 
I hope you enjoy, and that Monday will be a little less hateful!

This quote is very important for me because I have met with people who were not very nice to me even though I did not have anything to do with them.It  is especially related to school. There will always be people who will look for your mistakes and gossip you behind your back. Even though you have not done anything to them. No matter how much these people were horrible to you, it would be worse if you take it to heart and bother. Such people are not worth of your time and you know that you are a better person.

 ♥ ;)

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