25 Facts About Me! ;)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hello everyone!

I hope you  are all good and that your week started off well!! 

I noticed as I sniffed at # tbloggers chat and YouTube that everybody write  50 Facts About Me! 
And I wanted to share with you some details of my life, but I declined to 25 Facts About Me, because I think that 50 be a little too much (and frankly I can not remember 50).
So let's start!! ;)

1. I was born on December 23rd 1997. So another 3 months until my 16 birthday! 

2. I live in Croatia, the country in southeastern Europe.

3. I am the first year of high school.

4. I love animals and nature in general!

5. I have 7 cat. 6 females and 1 male.

6. I'm very ticklish. When I say very I mean it! I am able to hit someone.

7. I quickly get bored . I'm already a thousand times turned my room. Now I am think how I will turn it this time. hehe

8. I love the smell of candles, but I do not have one. Please buy me any.

9. My favorite flavor of chocolate is chocolate made with punch.I  love the smell and flavor of punch.

10. My favorite flavor of ice cream is a banana.

11. I love to eat, cook and bake. I am in the fridge every 30 minutes.I'm not kidding, now when you reading this I am probably eating something. ;)

12. I used to suck my thumb from the ages of 0-6. I
remember that my dad told me that I would get a doll if I stop sucking my thumb, and I told him that I will stop if he gave me  the doll. And when he gave me a  doll, but I was still secretly sucking finger. One day he caught me.

13. I started writing my blog 27th July 2012th.

14. My favorite YouTube beauty gurus are Bethany Mota (Macbarbie07) and Zoella Sugg (Zoella280390)

15. Secretly I'm in love with Zoe's brother, Joe (ThatcherJoe)! He is perfect. ;)

16. I do not like when I get the message, and their is no smiley in it. I have a feeling that this person is mad at me. I always put smiley. If you follow me on Twitter you will see that not one tweet I put without smiley. So if you chat with me always place Smiley, even if your angry.I will be grateful! ;) :)

17. I am 1 meter and 64 centimeters high.

18. I never wore heels. Because I think that in them I would not felt comfortable. You will always see me in sneakersballet flats, boots or sandals.

19. I am very happy when I see comments on my blog.And I will always respond to them, even only with smiley.

20. I would like to travel to London, LA and New York.

21. I love everything vintage. Clothes, furniture...

22. One of the greatest wishes for me is to jump Bungiee jumpimg.

23. I love romantic movies and books very much.

24. I literally cry on every movie. I can not watch Babe the gallant pig,  Free Willy, and some other.

25. And last, every morning when I wake upI have to check twitter, instagram, facebook and tumblr. It's  my morning routine.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have now learned a little more about me. xx

                                          ♥ ;)


  1. I loooove your outfit for fall, its wonderful.
    I'm slowely starting to come around to the idea of Autumn!!
    I'm such a summer person.

    Kelly || DayDreamsDaisyChains.com

    1. Thank you! Hehe I am more spring and autumn person! ;) :) xxx