Hanskin AHA Pore Cleansing Oil Review

Sunday, September 11, 2022

I have combination skin, which is prone to breakouts. Taking off makeup and any dirt is something I need to do if I want to prevent breakouts. I always had trouble finding the right cleanser. Taking off makeup with just micellar water is not enough for me. Double cleansing was something that drastically helped my skin calm down. I try to do it every night and recommend that if you have trouble with constant breakouts you do it as well. However, one Korean skincare product that helps me prevent unnecessary irritation is Hanskin AHA Pore Cleansing Oil

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A thorough cleansing oil, Hanskin's Pore Cleansing Oil AHA, simultaneously cleanses and removes makeup from combination skin. This product has a pleasant, mild scent. Although I don't like scented products, this one doesn't irritate me. It has a watery texture and cleans without stripping the skin. The packing pumps out quite a lot with a single pump, so be careful. You don't need a lot of products to get the job done. This oil cleanser is used first on dry skin with gentle massage. After you applied it all over the skin and the makeup started to melt, wet your hands and massage some more. One of the reasons I fell in love with this product is its capability to remove waterproof makeup. This is the first product I tried that helped me remove all of the waterproof makeup. Usually, when I would use micellar water, I would wake up with black under my eyes. 

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As soon as you add water to this oil cleanser, the transparent color will turn to a milky white one. The skin cleanliness this Korean skincare product provides is superb. I use a gentle face wash after this step to be sure that all the oily residue is washed off. Sometimes I use this oil cleanser even if I'm not wearing makeup or sunscreen, but I had a long day and my face feels oily and needs some refreshment. I like that it did not irritate my sensitive skin or dry it. It keeps the pores open and removes all sebum or pollutants that can lead to breakouts. It lasts for quite a while and is one of the best oil cleansers I've tried so far.
AHAs, particularly lactic acid, should be used on skin that is prone to mild irritations. AHA acids will also provide sensitive skin more hydration because they "love" water. Lactic acid also has a greater number of molecules, which allows it to stay on top of the epidermis and allows for active but milder, or "softer," peeling. Choose glycolic acid, another member of the AHA family, to revitalize your skin. Glycolic acids will help your skin look firmer and tighter because it has been demonstrated that they boost collagen production. They also aid in reducing blemishes and evening out skin tone.

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I couldn't stop recommending this skincare product to everyone. In particular to those who suffer from breakouts as a result of ineffective face washes. The soothing pH-balanced Hanskin cleanser is ideal for sensitive skin because it is alcohol-free. Micro-Porous Particulate is a component of the product that makes it enjoyable to use. To stop pores from becoming greasy, mucoadhesion retains active ingredients on the skin for a longer period. without irritating pores, thoroughly cleans. I wish there was also a smaller version that would be easier to carry around. 


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