Simple Tips For Holiday Detoxification

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The holidays are the occasion for large family gatherings, and consequently the main "culprit" for large amounts of food that is on the table. Christmas is no exception. You’ve finally recovered from Thanksgiving and other holidays, and now you’ve found yourself in the same problem again, but it’s not unsolvable.

In the following days, try to design your meals with as light foods as possible with the addition of more fresh fruits and vegetables. That will help you feel much lighter and you will not be sluggish for the rest of the workweek. Here are a few simple tips that are very easy to follow, and your body will be grateful for a small detoxification course. (Photo by Victoria Alexandrova on Unsplash)



The first thing you should drink in the morning is lemon water on an empty stomach. Drinking it on an empty stomach will boost metabolism. Prepare the whole bottle and sip it throughout the day. It will help you effectively quench your thirst after a few days of consuming spicy. greasy and sweet foods. Lemon water has a very beneficial effect on the body and soothes it. Not to mention all its other positive properties.


After drinking water with lemon, don’t go back to the old way and pounce on all the Christmas ham and other delicacies that are waiting for you in the fridge and on the table. Rather, mix one green smoothie because liquid food will be much happier received by the stomach, and it will have a detoxifying effect on you. The choice of ingredients is very wide, but in any case, add some green ingredients - watercress, cucumber, spinach, kale, combined with green apple or pear for a sweet aroma. For a perfect mix, add a little fresh grated ginger. It will help you keep a balance between all the heavy Christmas dishes and still having something healthy.

Photo by Birgith Roosipuu on Unsplash


Even after an abundant Christmas menu, you don't have to give up meat, but if you don't know how to design a side dish, solve the dilemma with lots of cooked or fresh vegetables. Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and the like will be a much lighter meal than potatoes or rice, and in addition, have a large bowl of salad on the table for a dose of freshness and fiber. For dinner, prepare only a light salad, for example with tuna, to make it easier to fall asleep and wake up fresh for a new workday.


Wait a bit with reaching for cookies or cakes that are all around your home, rather bite into an apple, and dose the sweets carefully. And if you have a strong need to nibble in a bowl, prepare nuts - almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and focus on it throughout the day. For a dose of sweet, add some dried cranberries or blueberries, which will satisfy your craving for sugars in a healthier way.


If you are not a fan of the indoor form of exercise, use every free moment for a walk in the fresh air. It would be ideal to take a bicycle out of the basement and use it to go to work, as an alternative, and pedal to work for the rest of the week if the circumstances allow it. The days are now shorter and so it is ideal to go outside a little bit earlier to the first nearby park and move in the fresh air for at least an hour if you have no ambitions for a major mountaineering, racing, or similar venture. Your body will be grateful for the movement, you will clear your mind and complete the workweek fresh.

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