Best Animated Christmas Movies

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Christmas cartoon films are an unavoidable aspect of December, and not only for kids. Adults frequently love vintage cartoons that take us back to our childhood and less hectic days. (Photo by S&B Vonlanthen on Unsplash)

As a result, I compiled a list of some of the best animated Christmas movies of all time, all of which are full of Christmas enchantment while also questioning the underlying meaning of the holiday and emphasizing the significance of friendship, humanity, family, and faith in magic. They'll be enjoyed by the big ones as well.

4 Animated Christmas Movies 

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton, the visionary, couldn't resist making Christmas animated movies as well, so he gave us a title that works equally well for Halloween and Christmas in his unique way. Of course, this is 1993 The Nightmare Before Christmas that is still thrilling today, and it is also the first animated picture to use so-called stop animation. While seeing employees at a store replace Halloween items with Christmas items, Burton got the concept for the film. Drawings and a song followed, followed by this anthological holiday film.

The typically grim Burton style is wrapped in Christmas garb as Jack Skellington, the city's favorite Halloween searches for something to rekindle his passion for life. Disappointed by Halloween's monotony, he unintentionally discovers that there is something called Christmas and goes to great lengths to demonstrate his new concept.

2. Christmas comes but once a year

In December 1936, the short animated film Christmas Comes Once a Year was released. The plot follows orphans who wake up on Christmas morning, excited and happy, but the joy abruptly ends when they realize that they, like other children, have not received new toys.

They are old, dilapidated, already seen, and with a few loose parts. Then Professor Grampy walks down the road and hears children crying from the orphanage. Deeply shaken, he puts on his so-called thinking hat to figure out how to make Christmas more beautiful for children. An idea soon comes to his mind - he will make new toys from household items, a Christmas tree from old umbrellas, and dress in a Santa Claus suit.

3. A Christmas Carol

The Christmas narrative, based on the work of Charles Dickens, who wrote it on demand, has become an unavoidable feature of many movie nights. Dickens wrote it in December 1843 to pay off debts, but he had no idea that it would become one of the best Christmas classics of all time, as well as the inspiration for numerous feature and animated films, the most recent of which was released in 2009.

The story revolves around an elderly, wealthy, and greedy Scrooge who lives only to collect even more wealth. When a nephew who works for him begs if he might take a day off for Christmas, Scrooge agrees on the condition that the day is unpaid. Scrooge, on the other hand, is visited by spirits from the past, present, and future on Christmas Eve. Scrooge begins to alter after seeing the vision of his funeral that everyone is anticipating.

4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

It's tough to avoid the Grinch when it comes to Christmas movies. Dr. Seusa's character has become synonymous with individuals who loathe the holiday season. Several animated and feature-length versions of this film have been produced over the last century and this century, but filmmaker Chuck Jones's version from 1966 is still regarded as the greatest. That version was also included in a list of the fifty best-animated films of all time in 2002.

The grouchy Grinch disguises himself as Santa Claus and travels to Tkograd, a little town at the foot of the mountain, to steal all of the villagers' Christmas decorations. He is enraged at them for exiling him to the mountain so long ago, but he is enraged much more at Christmas. He cannot stand the ornate streets, materialism, and false sentimentality that then, in his opinion, sneaks into the Citizens.

There is still a shadow of hope in people when the girl Cindy Lou invites him to a local Christmas party, but all the citizens of Tkograd start making fun of him in public, which is a drop for the Grinch. That is why he is making a plan to take away from them what they love the most - Christmas.

We all sometimes want to crawl under a warm blanket and watch a movie with popcorn. During this holiday season, that feeling becomes even greater, and we are here to make your choice easier.

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