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Friday, September 24, 2021


Trying out new skincare and body care is always fun. I suffer from different skincare conditions as milia, pigmentation, breakouts, and so on. Knowing that so many of you might also have the same issues, I want to share products that I find beneficial. Today I have one skincare and one body care product I want to introduce you to.

Body Blendz was kind enough to send me these two products as a gift, but as always, all of the thoughts and opinions are 100% honest.


Body Blendz is Australian vegan skincare and body care brand. Their products are a combination of science and cosmeceuticals. They include the greatest natural components, rich extracts and botanicals, and essential oils, following innovative, efficient, and versatile products. They turn your skincare routines into exciting and pleasant spa-like sessions.

BODY BLENDZ 2 in 1 Mask + Scrub Exfoliating Capsules

Body Blendz 2 in 1 Mask + Scrub Exfoliating Capsules come in a pink and purple carton packaging. There are eight capsules inside it. The exfoliating scrub remains stored inside small containers. At first glance, they reminded me of the one you would use to make yourself a coffee. These are Coffee & White Clay Exfoliating Capsules.

On the back of the packaging, it remains declared that they created this product to remove dead skin follicles, purify, and even out the appearance of all skin types. Body Blendz 2 in 1 Mask + Scrub Exfoliating Capsules should also decongest and remove impurities, battle against inflammation as dehydration and cracking. They are made to prevent scarring, pigmentation, irregular tones of skin, and help decrease blemishes and restore smooth, bright skin.

As soon as you peel off the lid of the container, you will feel the scent. I adore the smell of these capsules. It smells like a vanilla latte. For some, the smell might be too sweet. I am pretty sensitive to scents, and I didn't find it too harsh. This exfoliator is gray with Arabic coffee bean grains. It also contains white Australian clay, shea butter, betaine, pumice, coffee butter, and jojoba oil. These are all beneficial ingredients for your skin.

When I first tried it, I was so astonished by the amount of product in the capsule. It is a single-use capsule, and it has a generous amount of product in it. In my opinion, it feels like a little bit too much product for single use.


You can use it either on damp or dry skin. I first tried it on wet skin, which made it easier to apply. Gently massage it in an upward motion. Be sure that you are extremely gentle as there are a lot of coffee grains. You don't want to be too harsh so that you damage your skin. Now that you massaged it for 1-2 minutes, it is time to leave it for 5-10 minutes. That will let the clay dry and enter the skin. After 10 minutes, rinse it off with lukewarm water.

While you rinse it off, you will feel that your skin is a little bit oily on the touch. It is because of the oils in this exfoliator. After I washed it off my face, I could immediately feel my skin being soft and fresh. Exfoliators shouldn't be applied more than 1-2 times a week. It goes the same for this Body Blendz 2 in 1 Mask + Scrub Exfoliating Capsules.


I highly recommend Body Blendz 2 in 1 Mask + Scrub Exfoliating Capsules if you are someone who has trouble with the pigmentation and texture of your skin. I can't emphasize enough that you should be extremely careful while applying this or any other exfoliator as the coffee bean grains can be harsh. 

I believe that this product will work amazing during the colder months when our skin naturally gets drier. It will help with removing dead skin cells and hydrate the dry areas.

BODY BLENDZ Anti-bacterial Scrub & Mask

Body Blendz Anti-bacterial Scrub & Mask comes in blue plastic packaging. The packaging is similar to one that some of the soaps come in. I like this packaging because it is easier to take out all of the product.

On the back, it says that this is a first-ever 3 in 1 Anti-bacterial scrub, and mask that kills germs. It is created to intensely cleanse and hydrates dull skin. It is gray with tiny grains. The smell is not as sweet as the Body Blendz 2 in 1 Mask + Scrub Exfoliating Capsules had. It has a clay scent, but it is not unpleasant.

When I first tried it I was pleasantly surprised by how gentle yet exfoliating it is. I have very dry skin during the colder months. My legs and hands get especially dry. I also have trouble with ingrown hair. I noticed that this scrub helped my skin get rid of dead follicles, and made it soft and hydrated. It is detoxifying and vegan which made it even better.

BODY BLENDZ Anti-bacterial Scrub & Mask is gentle enough to even use on the face. It removes up to 99% of germs and bacteria. It contains ingredients like Bentonite clay, Australian white clay, pumice powder, activated charcoal, palmarosa, raspberry seed, lemon myrtle leaf oil, extracts of rosemary, echinacea, hibiscus flower extract, grapefruit extract, shea butter, and vitamin E.


You gently apply it while you are showering. Massage it all over your body and leave for a few minutes. That way the clay can make your skin soft. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. You should apply BODY BLENDZ Anti-bacterial Scrub & Mask 2-3 times a week.


BODY BLENDZ Anti-bacterial Scrub & Mask is quickly becoming one of my favorite scrubs. It is gentle yet makes my whole body soft and hydrated. I like that it is a multi-purpose product and contains so many beneficial ingredients.

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